Thursday, September 17, 2009

Community Highlights

There have been some excellent discussions and posts recently, and I wanted to give a pointer over to them!

For my own part, let's just say I'm doing a rehash of my recent Yogg strat to go over the basics for non-hardmode, and it involves a rather upset tree. You'll see it up hopefully over the weekend.


Edit: I also updated a couple macros, including this one, specifically for focus-targeting CC in the ToC faction champions fight.

Cat Shred, Ravage, Mangle toggle with Tiger's Fury (plus Cyclone and Moonfire):
I bound this to my middle mouse button in all forms but bear.

/cast [mod:alt] Tiger's Fury
/cast [mod:shift,form:3] Shred; [nostealth,form:3] Mangle (Cat)(); [stealth] Ravage; [mod:shift] Moonfire; [harm] [target=focus,harm] [] Cyclone
/startattack [nostealth,harm]

Cat form:
  • If in stealth, it will cast Ravage.
  • Otherwise, on a normal click, it will cast Mangle. If you do not know Mangle (Cat)(), replace it with Claw.
  • If shift-clicked, it will cast Shred.
  • If alt-clicked, it will cast Tiger's Fury in combination with any of the above (stealthed will be Tiger's Fury + Ravage, nostealth would be Tiger's Fury + Shred).
Non-cat form:
  • If shift-clicked, it will cast Moonfire: a great way to kill totems or other small things.
  • Normally clicked, it will cast Cyclone first on your enemy focus target, else on your target.


Aertimus said...

Thanks for the Cbox love! And I was happy to come here and find a community spot light! I love them!

I need to figure out what I'm doing with my life... okay... mostly just my blog. But it was a big part of my life! So since I don't know what I'm doing with that its almost like not knowing what to do with my life, right???

Kae said...

Hopefully your school stuff is settling into a good rhythm :) Whenever you're ready, pick up the pen (keyboard I suppose) and start writing again!

Blogger writer's block ftl! :)

sylly said...

thanks for the mention, sweet Kae =) /hug!

Rul said...

Heh, the healing assignments thing did admittedly take me for a bit of a loop on Tuesday, but I figured if they weren't given, then they weren't needed and to deal with it accordingly.

It's easier now that I've realized that I actually need to heal tanks significantly more than I was used to in 25s (we ran with 2 Holy Paladins most nights, and an occasional Disc Priest).