Saturday, September 5, 2009

Flying in Azeroth

Possible perks to being able to fly in "old-world" Azeroth:
  • Oops, did you just miss that boat? Hop on your trusty griffon and try to catch up before it speeds away and zones!
  • Out-of-the-way quest hubs stuck up on the top of a hill with a tiny, out-of-the-way access route. Like Thorium Point.
  • Most of the flight paths take the "scenic (overly long) route." You don't have to.
  • Big Cliffs o'Doom, and their related Elevators o'Death, can be easily circumvented. Just mount up and those elevators are a thing of the laggy falling death past.
  • Big Cliffs that just simply serve as barriers to make you walk/run really far will also be a thing of the past. See: Stonetalon Mountains, Hinterlands, EPL, Feralas, Dustwallow Marsh, the Wetlands/Dun Morogh border, and the Un'Goro/Tanaris border.
  • More quickly get backup on PvP servers. Downside: hit-and-run gankings will likely increase, and be harder to see coming.
  • Faster travel from CoT (and its portal from Dalaran) to Gadgetzan and its x-faction AH.
  • We can all laugh at the Greymane Wall's inability to keep us out of Gilneas, no matter if the door's also been broken down by the time we can fly over it.
  • Possible spectral gryphons on death... or else it will create some very horrible places to gank someone and force them to spirit res, ala TBC (glad I'm on a PvE server now!)
  • Herbing/Mining "old-world" stuff will be sooo much easier.
  • Aerial visits to enemy cities will make pvp raids quite entertaining.
  • Horde have less of a hassle questing in WPL and its complete lack of a flight path.
  • Special atmospheric easter eggs hidden in locations only accessible by flight, akin to the mysterious daycare/orphanage north of Shattrath.
So, I'm certainly looking forward to Cataclysm's addition of flight in EK/Kalimdor. :)


Anonymous said...

"Horde have less of a hassle questing in WPL and its complete lack of a flight path"

umph...qft! I never could understand why there wasn't a FP in WPL for the horde. I know undercity is close and all, but it's not THAT close!

Kae said...

Yep, either walk yourself around to the far side of undercity and down through the elevators and tunnels to get to the UC FP, or hike yourself all the way to the far side of EPL and take a bird from Light's Hope!

There's an entire quest hub at the Bulwark that is in desperate need of a bat-rider station :)