Sunday, September 13, 2009

Protos and Titles!

I have had a remarkably productive weekend, as far as achievements go. I have long been working towards getting a proto-drake mount as well as Loremaster...

I picked up Loremaster on Friday, along with several other achievements including Deadliest Catch and The Argent Champion. Sunday I turned around and finished off Glory of the Hero for my first ever Proto-drake mount (yay!), so I spent the afternoon circling Northrend on him while fishing.

Unexpectedly but quite happily, we also downed Yogg+1 for the final achievement needed for Glory of the Ulduar Raider, bagging me two protodrakes in one day! Yay! Vortex is quite proud of this achievement, as it is one that very few strict ten-man guilds have :) 3 of us spent about 10 minutes just circling Krasus' Landing in joy. And, yes, a guide as well as our warlock's video is in the works! Astonishingly, we managed it without anyone going insane, though I did have to battle-res the mage after she got SQUISHED by an unlucky add spawn in P3.

A very interesting thing I did note while playing with my protos is this:

The flying minipets from the oracles' eggs can fly in the air with you while you are mounted.

This is something none of the other flying pets can do, as far as I have noticed. Now, they don't seem to chase after you until you stop and wait for them to catch up, but it's certainly a change from the poor dragonhawks and owls and such which can't seem to get more than a few feet off of the ground!

Anyway, I'm quite content, and hoping to see Algalon dead in the next couple weeks as well, now that our focus has shifted off of Yogg+1. :)


Anonymous said...


Kae sportin' the pimpin' ride!

Grats! =)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you all, and thanks for sharing what you learned with the interwebs!

Kae said...

Ty :) Now to just get Anzu to drop out of Sethekk! Hehe.