Tuesday, September 29, 2009

AoC: Gold Seller NPC

I stumbled over this screenshot in my album from the summer before last, when I was playing AoC for a WoW-break:

You can't escape them! And it's an NPC!!! AHHH!

....he gives you a quest to go find his "farmer," hehee.

The few things I miss about AoC: the soundtrack (the vocals for cimmeria were huanting and beautiful), and being able to build a guild city. Things I do not miss: the severe lag, the broken quests (especially when it came to group-questing!), and the non-instanced long-respawn dungeon bosses. The combat system of directional swing combos was fun in the early levels, but as you got higher level and had to do 4-5+ swings to pull off a combo, the novelty wore off fast, and I even used G15 macros to do a lot of them.

Oh well. *giggle at gold seller*

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