Friday, October 2, 2009

Hurricane Shifting

I've noticed recently that if I attempt to use hurricane while shapeshifted (non-moonkin), it will de-shift me back to caster, but it will also cancel my hurricane, making me have to cast it again. Whether this bug is intentional or not, it's wasting my mana, and a bit irritating to have to re-target and cast again :)

I've been using this macro to get around it:

/cancelform [form:5,spec:2] []
/cast [noform:spec2] [] Hurricane; [form:1/3,spec:2] Survival Instincts

...which works well for a Resto (primary) Feral (secondary) specced druid. If you'd like a bare-bones variety without Survival Instincts, you can try out:

/cast Hurricane

...though if you have a moonkin spec (where moonkin is form:5), I recommend going with:

/cancelform [noform:5]
/cast Hurricane

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that too; really annoying!

Thanks for the macro. It will come in handy!