Wednesday, October 14, 2009

GotEM3.3 and Resto Druid Cast Times

The current PTR changes for GotEM in 3.3 gives resto druids a flat 10% haste across the board. I have not included a scenario where a druid will have both GotEM and Celestial Focus, a scenario where a druid has not maxxed out 5/5 GotEM, nor a scenario with Power Infusion (as it does not stack with Bloodlust), but most other scenarios of raid buff combinations are considered.

NOTE: for a more detailed graph of the GCD with Celestial Focus taken into account vs no CF, click here.

New Cast Times
The following will become our new "base" cast times, before gear or raid buffs are added.

10 -> 9.09 seconds

3.5 -> 3.18 seconds

3.0 -> 2.72 seconds
Healing Touch, talented Starfire (Starlight Wrath)

2.5 -> 2.27 seconds
talented HT (Naturalist)

2.0 -> 1.82 seconds
Regrowth, Rebirth, Wrath

1.5 -> 1.36 seconds
This includes the GCD, Nourish, glyphed but untalented HT (no Naturalist), insta-casts (LB, Rejuv, WG, Swiftmend), and talented Wrath (Starlight Wrath).

1.0 -> .... you're already at the GCD cap. Grats on clippage ;)
talented + glyphed HT

Haste from Buffs and Gear
It is from the new base cast times (with the talents and glyphs included) that raid buffs and haste gear is added.
As a reminder, not all haste buffs will stack with each other. The percentage haste buffs that do stack will do so multiplicatively.

1-Second GCD
The following are the haste ratings required to achieve a 1-second GCD with the listed buffs.

GotEM3.3 and the GCD/Nourish/GlyphedHT
BuffsRating required for 1 second
Nature's Grace proc447.13
WoA Totem960.32
Improved Ret/Turkey Aura1062.13
WoA + Aura855.41
WoA + Aura + NG166.34

Numbers derived using the formulas at


Anonymous said...

In short... we will need a lot more haste to get to that 1 sec GCD... I guess that's not all that big of a deal. For those of us capable of acquiring t10, losing the t9 4-piece means we care less about crit again.

And if I am reading that new glyph right, stacking haste makes Rejuv quite nice...

Kae said...

Others who get t10 may still like crit, as well. It depends on what your role is as a healer in raids, and thus what spells a druid finds themselves needing.

The same thing applies to the new hasted rejuv-tick glyph. Faster-ticking rejuvs make a target swiftmendable for less time per cast, which could be very undesireable for some druids, as well as cases where damage is going out slower over a raid and the faster ticks may be wasted. Personally, I find the Nourish glyph more useful in my raiding than making my rejuvs faster would be. After all, if I want fast ticks, I'll drop on a lifebloom :)

Unknown said...

Hey Kae, you mistype the haste rating needed for WoA + Aura + NG, it's 166, not 116 as you wrote on the previous post ;)

Kae said...

Ah! Thank you for catching that, Fr├ęd! :) I went in and fixed it.

Anonymous said...

I am a bit confused about your numbers.
Buffs Rating required for 1 second
none 1192.36

At I find the following formula:
% Spell Haste at level 80 = (Haste Rating / 32.79)

Taking your number:
1192.36 / 32.79 = 36.36
Adding 10% for GotEM makes 46.36 %
For 1.0 GCD we need 50% so where do the missing 3.64% come from as you say the 1192.36 is without any other buff besides GotEM ?

Anonymous said...

OK found the explanation on my own ;)

Formula is
and not
Base/(1+(GotEM% + Haste% / 100))

Second seemed somehow more natural to me but is obviously wrong :)