Thursday, October 8, 2009

Busy Kae's

I have been rather quiet on the blog front lately, focusing my free time and energy on an unrelated project. Edit: evidently I need to find time this weekend to figure out what to do with my image bandwidth, heh. Rehosted a bunch of stuff over on Picasa, including the page background; I know in some resolutions it isn't stretching correctly anymore, but it will have to wait until photobucket's bandwitdth resets.


On the WoW-side of things, Vortex has been busying itself with achievements, some of the less-required ones like Getting Back to Nature and Nine Lives. We discovered that Auriya does have an enrage timer... she crit me for 537k when she decided she'd grown bored with us dancing with her, even with a person DC'd in the middle of two void zones (he actually gave me something to heal that wasn't just a wild growth or rejuv, heh).

We put some work into Algalon, which has been amusing. Our tanks have their swaps down; we're just working on polishing our raid-wide Big Bang movements. Inevitably someone will die to lag (I've run clear over a black hole, one side to the other, without it taking me, due to lag), or someone kiting a constellation over a black hole and closing it off when people need it, akin to slamming a door in someone's face while a death ray passes over your stoop. Thus, we have yet to really get far past Big Bang except to know we've got the tanks surviving. FYI, Green Rag Dolls can defy gravity when placed on the bridge leading to Algalon's terrace. As can fish feasts. They can lull you into a false sense of security, thinking you can defy gravity, too. And then you plummit to your death. I may or may not have done so, at some point.

While doing Razorscale for Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare for a couple raiders, the other healer and I yawned and danced for a while, and then noticed the NPCs were misbehaving:

Another raider also asked where I picked up my mini-treeform pet (the Teldrassil Sproutling). I told her I stole it off of Applebough in Dalaran... that one's for you, Averna!! Guildie: "O.o ...really?!" ...oh, I'm a horrible person.


Nelle said...

XD you meany! I'm gullible lol.

Kae said...

Hey, I wasn't naming names...