Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The "New" GCD w/ GotEM, 3.3

Unbuffed, ungeared, with 5 points in the "new" Gift of the Earth Mother will place a resto's GCD at 1.36 seconds (from 1.5), using the base haste formula of:

HastedCastTime = BaseCastTime /(1 + (% SpellHaste / 100))
1.5s /(1 + (10 / 100)) = 1.3636s

GCD or 1.5 second cast with the full GotEM3.3 will become:
  • A Nature's Grace proc will move the GCD from here to 1.14 seconds
  • Wrath of Air totem alone will make it 1.30 seconds
  • Improved Moonkin or Imp. Ret auras alone will make it 1.32 seconds
  • Bloodlust alone will take it to 1.15 seconds
...or, with stacked buffs:
  • WoA totem + Imp. aura will make it 1.26 seconds
  • A Nature's Grace Proc on top of the totem+aura stack will make it 1.05 seconds, pretty much the minimum GCD limit... 166.34 haste rating from there will cover that 0.05 seconds. This also applies to nourish (and glyphed but untalented HT), as the GotEM3.3 10% haste applies to ALL spells!

What this does mean, though, is that it will take 1192 spell haste rating to get yourself down to a 1.0 second GCD, sans any raid buffs (including the auras and totem and NG procs). 1193 will push you just over the minimum GCD to 0.9998... which will effectively cap at 1.0 seconds.

WoA + Aura Buff
With a stack of WoA totem + improved aura from moonkin or ret pally, you will "only" need 855.4 haste rating from gear to reach a 1.0 sec GCD/Nourish cast. Such numbers may be achievable around the time of T11 gear (without overly gimping other stats, including crit)... though of course, any bloodlust will send you straight to the GCD cap, as will NG procs.

WoA + Aura buff + NG
Adding in a reliance on Nature's Grace procs (which themselves rely on crit rating), you can lower this all the way down to 166.34 haste rating. Most raiding druids already have this amount of haste rating, but fewer can rely on NG procs due to being purely raid healers. This will be more useful to druids who focus on MT-healing through Nourish or HT (though do note that this only requires the HT glyph, and not the Naturalist talent, as a combination of both will automatically put you at the minimum 1-second GCD with or without both GotEM and haste gear), assuming they can gear up in appropriate crit gear and cast frequently enough to keep NG active. Any lull in spell crits will push their GCD back to 1.2 seconds.

Fun times. Will post up graphs of the haste ratings to GCD, once I double-check them and make them pretty :) Edit: graphs are here.

~~If there are any flaws in my math, please feel free to point them out... I spreadsheeted it out kinda quick in free time between pulls during a raid tonight!~~


Keeva said...

I love that there are other people out there who will do the math.

It makes me go like this:



Kae said...

Hehe, I get paranoid about my math though, cuz math's never been my strong point :) I'm just glad that the numbers my spreadsheet spat out mirrored the ones Lissana quoted from EJ!

Anonymous said...

I see having 551 haste rating + 362 crit rating, so 913 combined ratings. For me it's 382 haste rating+ 360 crit rating, combined 742 rating. So you won't need T11 to achieve it. One might need to choose haste pieces over crit.
How much haste is needed for 1.05 s GCD?

lissanna said...

Yeah, I always like verification of EJ numbers. :)

Erdluf said...

Think of it as a 10% nerf to HPET of WG, Rj and Lb, and a 10% buff to everything else.

I'd say they're nerfing us where we're perceived as strong, and buffing us where we're perceived as weak.

Kae said...

Tjan, while it is *possible* to get such numbers, I don't consider them unless it can be easily done without gimping more important stats like spellpower and regen/spirit, and balancing it with crit (especially in light of critting hots, as I imagine we'll see more of those in the future).

I'm also a ten-man raider, I do value crit :) I will rephrase my statement.

Erdluf, that is certainly true. On a further plus-side (that will likely not help progression), it will also haste our wrath/starfire, and moonfire GCD. I wonder how much faster it may make our casts over Starlight Wrath? /pops open Excel

Kae said...

1.05s GCD would require 979.44 haste rating, if I have my math right.

Anonymous said...

First, there's no such thing as critting hots. It's only rejuv that gets ability to crit with 4t9. At some point one will have to break the set. Than, crit becomes "hmmm, better than attack power" stat. I don't believe in critting hots. On paper they look better but in practice what makes hots good, is their reliability to heal than and for known amount.
The only peaces in Tjani's gear without regen are weapon and idol.
I thought on getting 1.05 s GCD using WoA+retri. If my math is correct, 815 haste rating for that is needed.

Kae said...

Who's to say they won't add other critting hots in the future? I'm keeping an open mind. Please also remember that crit is still useful for druids who need to use nourish and regrowth, or those that decide to go the route of HT-spam. Crit may become as good as weed-killer for tree druids who only raid-heal in 25s (assuming they do not decide to use much nourish), but that doesn't mean it's that way for all druid healers.

As for the 1.05s GCD,
HasteRating = (RatingConversion* 100) * ((BaseCastTime/NewCastTime) - 1 )

haste rating =(32.79*100) * ((1.363636s / 1.05s ) - 1)

= 979.4404 rating


Kae said...

Ah, WoA + Retribution Aura, I see :)

I get 658.53 haste rating for that, though. The Aura and Totem should be multiplicative, with base 1.3636 / (1.03*1.05) for the non-geared "base" cast time with those auras.

Anonymous said...

I simply assumed additive haste stacking which probably isn't the case. 658 haste rating won't hard to get. Nice graphs btw in next post!

Kae said...

Yep, 658-659 is much easier to get than 815 (or the 856 it'd take to get it down to 1 second cold). I still wonder, though, how latency can play into all of it...

Daniel said...

"but that doesn't mean it's that way for all druid healers."

Thanks for making this point. As someone who is neither guilded nor raids I have had to learn to play tree a different way. 5 man PUG is all I do. Tanks who stand in fire, DPS who draw arggo; either I get them to live or back to LFG for another ten minutes. I don't need the consistency of Rj or any other HoT. I need big numbers and I need it now.

Smartest thing I ever did was glyph HT. If I go OOM we are gonna wipe in one minute but if I don't get that heal on the tank in the green stuff we are gonna wipe right now. This is why I took 2 points out of GotEM and stuck them in Empowered Touch.