Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Regrowth, Nourish, HT: a Short Analysis

Patch: 4.0

So I was playing with my heals last night.

You get one single 20% flat boost for having a HoT on your target
(trust me, I tried it with 1 vs 4). With HoTs,
Nourish crit for 9k.

Regrowth does this by itself on a shorter cast time.
Regrowth crit for 9k.

Healing Touch, same cast time, non-crit for 13-16k.
HT crit for 20-22k.

Regrowth (1.2s): 1223 mana/5k heal = 0.2446 mana/HP (not inc. HoT)
HT (2.0s): 1398 mana/15k heal = 0.0932 mana/HP
Nourish (2.0s): 349 mana/5k heal (if you have a HoT up) = 0.0698 mana/HP
(+ a renew on lifebloom timer)

There ya go.
  • Yes, Nourish is Cheap.
  • If you need a big heal to save someone's life, go with Healing Touch. It's far better HPS.
  • If you need a tiny heal and have nothing better to do than roll your lifebloom, toss a Nourish.
  • Lifebloom costs less mana than Nourish (244 mana). Use lifebloom to a roll a stack if you don't need the Nourish heal. If the Nourish is all overheal, you just wasted your time and mana.
  • If you are running OoM and your target needs regrowth-size heals, but you have time to cast them, use Nourish; however, let lifebloom do the bulk of the work and avoid overheal on your Nourish as much as possible. If you have to, cancel a Nourish cast in favor of a lifebloom before it triggers, if it'd be overheal.
  • Otherwise, ignore Nourish.
  • If you get bored, try using Moonfire, IS, and Wrath instead ;)

/sigh. They f*cked up my go-to heal. -_-


Kadomi said...

I have a really hard time trying to roll lifebloom with Nourish without it all being all overheal. Admittedly, I only tested this when we did the weekly, Patchwerk, but before my Nourish landed, the other healer had healed and my direct heal went poof.

I miss old Nourish too! But then, my other healer, a shaman, misses Lesser Healing Wave even more!

lissanna said...

Nourish is more useful at level 85. ;)

Simon said...

These spells are mainly tuned for level 85 content, right now it doesn't really matter that much. I just spam RG wherever, whenever and I don't feel bad about it :) I have a few NR vs RG vs HT posts on my blog!

Jasyla said...

I'm found it surprsingly easy to adapt to Regrowth as my new go-to heal. I dropped Nourish like a bad habit.

Kae said...

We're not 85 yet, now are we? :D

I haven't pulled it completely off my bars; I was actually trying to find reasons *to* use it, last night.

Regrowth came out of nowhere and beat Nourish upside the head with one of our fallen tree limbs, and dumped the unconscious Nourish in the Undercity gutter. Nourish has not recovered from the traumatic experience, yet.


Maerdred said...

We have a healer who didn't use Nourish in the first place. The first time I looked at a Recount report I almost fainted.

Nourish was my GO-TO! She didn't cast it once. It was alien to me.

I still love me some Nourish, but that's because I can spam it and never lose mana.

Forreststump said...

@lissanna: Would the usefulness of Nourish evident by tanks never being fully topped, making Nourish overheal negligible (and thus - useful)?

As it is, it simply isn't being used - 1) because it is mostly overheal, and 2) the reduced HoT times mean more frequent casts of those leaving less open GCDs to time the LB-refresh-via-Nourish mechanic. Result: I'm respeccing out of the talent (forget the name) that boosts Nourish, and picking BotG in Tier 1 for enhanced Rejuv instead.

And, oh, BTW: WTB Improved Rejuv talent fix... NAO!!!

Beranabus said...

Hey, hey, hey.

They took my tranq.