Thursday, October 21, 2010

Couch Melt

"You weren't planning to sit here, were you?"

or maybe,

"Give me another 2 months, and I can cover the third cushion, too."


Unknown said...

I come here for the druid posts, sure, but, honestly, if this blog was 100% pictures of your puppy, I would be totally okay with that.

Natalie said...

Me too.

And AWWWEEEEEESSSSZZZZ!!!! *cooing sounds* She's such a cutie pie, I want a yoggie now! It's too hot in Texas though :( She would cook under all that fur!

Theladas said...

Aww, you taught River the "/claim" macro already?

Adorable, as usual. You'd best save some material for Cata, though - You know how much puppy posts improve my otherwise lackluster performance on progression content.

Zy said...

I want to rub her belly so bad!

Ender Tunin said...

OMG! I so felt like that all weekend! Much to my wife's chagrin.