Sunday, October 10, 2010

OT: Sintel

Sintel is a short film produced using open source 3D software (Blender). Short, sweet, and sad, it was released at the end of September and made its way to my feedreader, where it impressed me greatly. Some of the animation could use more work (the blood pooling on the rooftop, for example) and I really wanted MORE to what felt like a predictable story in a world I wanted to explore in more depth, but I still loved it.

The dragon design reminds me of the wyrms in WoW, mixed with demons. Gargoyle-wyrm-demons. :)


Niniel said...

I saw that one last week and it captivated me! I feel so sorry for the baby dragon on the roof and just want to hug it ^^ I'm so impressed!

Theladas said...

Dargons on my birfday!

But, but... Where's the puppy?