Friday, October 29, 2010

LunarSphere alpha release for Patch 4.0

Since the patch, I have been missing my Lunarsphere. No res macros, no auto-reagent purchase, and certainly a lack of my wonderful button menus... makes for a sad Kae :( So large a mod is a difficult one to overhaul and update, so I've been patiently haunting the developer's forums and waiting for the eventual update to become available.

There is, now, an alpha version! As an alpha, there are still a few bugs and errors, but having most parts working is better than nothing, imo!

For further details and a download of the alpha, clicky here :)

*As a small reminder, if you have a bunch of custom graphics (like I do) in your LS Imports folder, make sure you don't delete them when you upgrade your files.*

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