Saturday, October 16, 2010

Because Vidyala and Zelmaru are Awesome...

So, I've had a mild running joke in my years of play about using post-it notes to block out peoples' health bars in raids. I had noticed the addon GridStatusIgnored, but the "success of the raid/party outweighs my personal opinions of pugger assholes" has kept me from seriously considering downloading it. Maybe if I were still in a larger, more casual raiding guild I might consider it.

In a bit of wonderful satire, Vidyala of pugging pally has spoofed a guide about the (mythical) addon, GridStatusStupidity. You must go read it.

(Edit: Is a guest post by Zelmaru, but Vidyala is still awesome :) )

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Vidyala said...

I'm really glad you enjoyed it, Kae, but I must clarify that I'm on vacation and my blog is running a series of guest posts from other very talented bloggers!

The satirical Grid post was written by Zelmaru of Murloc Parliament. I'm sure she'll be happy to hear you liked it! :) Thanks for the link!