Saturday, October 30, 2010


The most baffling thing happened to me during a random dungeon run. The hunter was misdirecting to me. Me: the resto druid running around in cow form casting pretty green lights and efflorescence and moonfires.

Once? Must be an accident. I roll my eyes at the pug and continue on with a little laugh.

Twice? ...that's no accident. Eyebrow raised and growing irritated, I had to say something.

Yes. I had 6k more health than the prot pally, therefore the resto druid healer (who was not, incidentally, running around in melee at the time) must be the real tank and should be misdirected. This was followed by the resto druid casting /facepalm.

Lesson: the highest hp does not mean tank. Look before you misdirect, please ;)


Anonymous said...

If we still had continuous Tree Form this would never have happened!

Ender Tunin said...

New 80 Syndrome. Noone in this person's guild is teaching them anything. It's the kind of response I'd expect from my 9 year old running instances. Currently he's at approx 60 so he's not encountered the discrepancy yet. As some people level their toons and do dungeons, they're surrounded by other toons at approx the same level and gear. Generally speaking, the one with the highest HP is the tank. They then never took their level of understanding past this. Now look at lvl 80 toons. There's a HUGE diversity in gear from new 80's to end game ICC 80's with gearscores greater than 6k. It's now likely, not often, but still likely, to have pugs where the healer's HP pool exceeds that of a new 80 tank. I lay blame at poor teaching / poor learning of basic mechanics.

Jardal is however correct. This other player has probably never seen a druid heal that wasn't a tree.

Russ said...

I did this once on my hunter alt, totally by accident.

Two days after I turned 80, patch 4.0.1 dropped. Since then, sometimes I get an addon error when I set my focus, and I have to reload my UI. It happened on this occasion.

I reloaded UI, and when my screen came up, the tank was pulling already. I hurriedly looked up, saw druid/pally in the tank/heal spots, and set my focus - accidentally choosing the pally. Yeah, the holy pally. Nice one.

Two pulls later, I realized that I was misdirecting to the healer, and I was totally horrified, to the point where my cheeks were hot with shame IRL! I quickly changed my focus to the bear, and thanked my lucky stars that my gear was kind of crappy at that point! Thankfully, nobody seemed to notice, the healer never got aggro because of my blunder, and I successfully managed to misdirect the tank from then on!

This was a different situation than what you went through, but it was a funny story and a good lesson to learn. I haven't made the same mistake since, which is good - my gear is much, much better now! :P

Simon said...

It can happen ones to everyone, it's only bad if they keep doing it without realising what exactly they are doing :p

...or he/she could be out to get you! watch your back *paranoid*

Kae said...

Even if I had been in tree form, I still would've gotten that misdirect, based off of what he told me. All he looked at was health pool: I still would've had 34k health in tree form, and the pally tank would've still been at 28k. A mistake the hunter will probably never make again :) Mind you, I had no issues with a tank with such a low health pool, as I've healed an ele shaman tank through heroics before, but that poor, poor tank with low level gear trying to keep threat off of a ICC-geared healer who was getting their misdirects? >_>

/flex... uber resto tank. Hallo, barkskin, you are my friend.

alyae said...

Highest health does not mean tank, especially if your tank is lower geared prot paladin.