Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Stream: Sindy and Putricide Hardmodes tonight

Hitting Sindy first since we've done it before, then hoping for our guild-first heroic Put kill :) Will likely be a wipefest tonight, fun times!
  • Sindy hard down
  • Festergut hard down
  • Rotface hard down
  • Put in progress, though our camera was rotated out of the raid.
  • Didn't quite get him down last night; morale, RNG, luck, whatever wasn't on our side :( Oh well, we shall try again Sunday!
Gonna work on getting my own stream running for those times our camera-guy is rotated out of the raid.

Join us here at


Heywood Djiblomi said...

I may well tune in =)

Ellimist said...

I'll tune in if one of our team doesn't show. Otherwise we'll be back to working on normal mode Putricide :p