Thursday, May 27, 2010

Linkage for a Busy Week

I have been utterly swamped this week with office work, house work, and outside projects. While it has been remarkably productive, it has also been quite exhausting, stressful, and time-consuming... as such, I've had little time to blog this week. I'm taking some time now to give myself a mental break before diving back into the thick of my work, and sharing with you a few links to things that have kept me sane through the mess.

  • Puddle sharks.
  • Keredria at ToL has a short discussion about gamers and their control over dreams, which I found fascinating.
  • Vortex has almost gotten its full raiding roster their ICC drake mounts. We'll have to redo Sindragosa's all-you-can-eat achievement next week to finish us out, though, which means we're pushing back our heroic Lich King work for another week.
  • Vortex is recruiting two melee dps (rogue, pally, or deathknight) if such players happen to read my blog and are interested in joining us for ten-strict raiding. We lost a couple of our melee due to outside commitments (my hubby included), and would like to get back up to a 14-raider roster.
  • I've been amused by BRK's Cataclysm Alpha notes, which are posted in a completely non-spoiler (and non-NDA-breaking) kind of way. He posts his reactions to things over a night of play without leaking the details. The gist of them is that things are changing, and lots of things are currently broken... it *is* an alpha, after all!
  • Murloc Parliament recently posted a long discussion on gaming and relationships: namely, addressing the "WoW widows" concern and how it is often treated differently from other hobbies, the "me-time," which in itself is a necessary part of any healthy relationship.
  • A relatively short post by Dinear at Forever a Noob regarding the supposed "death of 25 man raids." The topic has simmered down, recently, after its initial burst of blogging activity; his post is a good summary of what the iLevel-equilization will mean for guilds.
  • Graylo at Gray Matter had an excellent post on surviving as a moonkin in raids. The majority of the tips apply to resto druids as well.
  • Disapproving Kayak.
  • I have a mod that splatters my screen with blood when I meet a certain crit number. I'll link it later when I remember exactly what it is. It makes me happy.


Zelmaru said...

Thanks for the link! Is the blood-spattering mod droodfocus? I know it has that option, but I'm afraid to turn it on.

Kae said...

Nah, I know I don't have droodfocus installed. It's a stand-alone graphic mod with that lets me choose where it's allowed to draw splatters, what size ranges the splatters are, how long they last, and even monitors my crits for a 100 or so to get a sense of what my average and max crits are.

So I've been getting tiny little blood splatters when I hurricane or wrath-crit something in ICC on my tree druid. My rogue sees far more :)