Sunday, May 2, 2010

Stream: Put Hardmode Work Tonight

7:30-11:30pm EST :) Plans tonight are to wipe horribly and repeatedly on Putricide Hardmode. If you wish to watch our oozy chaos, join us at

  • Festergut Hardmode down
  • Hardmode Putricide in progress. If we don't get him by late in the night, we'll knock him over normal and kick over Lich King for loots.
  • 9:15... 50% attempt :) yay we survived a transition.
  • 9:30... on 15-minute break. sub-40% last attempt, we're getting better.
  • 11:45: unfortunately, ~30-some-thing% was the best we got, and we got sloppier as the night went on from tiredness. Oh wells. Tuesday's a new week!

Warlock PoV :)

If you don't want to watch that, or want something more amusing than watching all the ways we can wipe, then watch this: Reduced Shakespeare Company. Linked is Hamlet part 1, with the awesome ghost.... er er er er WHEEEE!!!


Lemontree said...

One thing that may help you a lot if you didn't know about it, (not sure what you're struggling with) is have a resto druid keep rejuv on the abom all the time because revitalize will proc energy for him making it much easier to slow all the slimes.

Also we had ranged in a spread out semi-circle around putricide and passed the plague down the line, and used lots of communication to figure out who we could pass our next plague to.

I'm looking forward to you downing it, good luck!

Kae said...

Yep, my raid's abom loves my rejuvs/WG. Revilatize is my friend!

We have the mechanics pretty much down, just need a polite RNG (ooze targets the guy with plague?) and the focus to get it into P3. We're also considering trying it with two healers, to speed up ooze-kills.