Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Well, we finally did it.

We had killed heroic Sindragosa 3 raid lockouts ago (this week will be our 4th kill of hardmode Sindy), and had been wiping horrifically to heroic Putricide since then. This is notable only because it is so "fail"... every other (10-strict) guild to be 10/12 had Putricide down yet struggled with Sindy, while we did the opposite.

Well, I think I've established before that my guild is weird when it comes to raiding, I guess this is just another page in the case file :)

What we found that worked for us flies in the face of the other recommended strats we've read or that have been suggested to us: every other guild we've talked to swears by stacking on the green ooze-spawn location to dps it immediately. Now, I can understand this if you're running a melee-heavy raid, but tonight, we had two melee: and they were the tanks. Not only that, but the person targeted by the red ooze often gets caught up in the green's first explosion if you stack at the green spawn point, and they can't get healed quickly enough to survive more than two ticks of the red's own damage.

On TOP of that, having all of your casters sailing through the air and then running around trying to reposition for the next explosion really cuts into your dps. Significantly.

So what did we do?

We stood in the middle by the door for transitions (and made sure we held transitions to not have three oozes up). Equi-distant to the two ooze spawns, it gave the red-ooze target time to react and flee, and our ranged dps were able to kill the green before it even reached us... even without our abom slowing it. After that, it was only a short few seconds before the red ooze died its own bubbly death, and we could pour "free" dps into Putricide himself while he was fiddling with flasks at the table. It went fast. P3 was a breeze compared to P2: it was just a matter of keeping the plagued person away and the tanks alive.

With 2 healers, 6 ranged dps, and two tanks, with the above transition strat and a lot of vocal communication to swap off the plague BEFORE it killed its current host (I got a bit rabid about that and started inserting myself into the disease rotation to make sure the host didn't die from a slow runner), the fight went way.too.smooth. Eerie, /facepalm, omgwhywerewewipingonthisbefore kind of smooth. As in, we spent full 4-hour raid nights wiping to him in previous weeks, and tonight, after clearing blood and lower wings, we put 4 attempts on him and had him down. After wiping on the trash to Marrowgar, we pull down heroic Putricide, who has been haunting our nightmares for weeks, on the first night of the week.



11/12 heroic ICC10.

/stares at Arthas and grins.

Edit: I looked back down the list, looks like there are some other 10-strict guilds that have followed our trail in the weeks since our Sindy kill and they have tagged Sindy before Put hardmode, as well. Good job, fellow Sindy-slayers!

Edit2: our turkey gave more detail on our strategy, and even used MS Paint (cheer!). You can check out the strat we used on his blog, here!


Niniel said...

Yay! Congrats! :D

Jen said...

Yea we have downed Sindragosa and not yet Putricide, you're not the only ones! Just out of interest, which healing setup did you have? We have resto druid, shaman (myself) and disc priest healing and are considering two healing this...

Congrats on your kill!

Kae said...

We used a druid and a shaman. Best to have at least one healer who is mobile, I think, but not absolutely necessary. We easily survived a transition when the shaman got the red ooze bloat on him, just due to the speed at which the dps killed the oozes (green never reaching group).

Bell said...

All top guilds on my server went Sindragosa then Putricide. :)


Kae said...

But is that for 25s, or pure ten?

Guildox's ten-strict rankings (worldwide) were all listed as 10/12 with Putricide and not Sindragosa.

Beruthiel said...

Yay! Grats Kae!!!

Frostworms inc! :)

Lemontree said...

Grats! I knew you'd get it! Now onto Bane, which I'm on in 10 man but cheating in my 25 man gear.

Blizzard seems to have failed to balance this for 10 man guilds judging by the 10 strict rankings on Guildox, but I'm still cheering for them to do it, good luck!

Hana said...

Grats! :D I always think it'a great when a guild develops their own strat to conquer a boss. You guys are trailblazers.

Alyae said...

I'm reminded of a line from Lord of the Flies.


If i could have spit on his corpse IRL without tarnishing my pristine LCD, i would have.
I'm renaming him, Professor PutriJERK!

Vidyala said...

Awesome, congrats Kae! We were definitely one of the 10/12s who did Putricide first and then Sindragosa. I don't know why Put was so much easier for us than Sin. And I knew you had downed her, and you were still putting in hours wiping on Put while we wiped on Sin and I was thinking, "We need to trade brains or something, why is this so hard for us?" Onward to H LK! I'll be cheering for you guys. :D

Anonymous said...

Grats Kae! See, we took a different approach to the whole deal, and killed both Putricide and Sindragosa Heroic in the same week.... after wiping on both for about a month. Heroic LK is INSANE, let me know what you think. We're trying to get Frostwyrms this week (damn Mystic Buffet), then next week it's gonna be our serious tries on LK.

Kae said...

We skipped on the heroic LK work this week in order to pick up drakes achievements. We're wondering now what we're going to do with ourselves for Sunday... since we have no ICC to work in!

Tsark, for the All-you-can-eat Buffet achievement, we used three tanks, rotating at 3 stacks in case a icy grip gave the tank a few more before they could successfully LoS :) We had to force a wipe a few times to try again,

Beranabus said...

That's not MS paint! That's highgrade photoshop... can't you tell from the kill shot? I mean you can't even tell Grom/Rul wern't there!

Oh who am I kidding :|