Monday, May 24, 2010

Offtopic: Summer Classes

A quick rant under the guise of a quiz. Multiple Choice. Each question is worth 20 points.

1) A form tells you that you should submit it at least two weeks before the start of the semester. It is an important form that all of your students need information on before class can be held. What do you do?
  • a) Submit at least two weeks before the semester starts.
  • b) Submit the week before the semester starts.
  • c) Submit the weekend before the semester starts.
  • d) Submit the day before your class starts.
  • e) Submit one hour before your class starts. Call the department angrily when it is not immediately processed.

2) A form only provides one drop-down menu for requesting times on a single day, and you wish to have multiple days in the week. There is a comment box that allows you to type in extra information. What do you do?
  • a) Type in the additional times in the comment box.
  • b) Ignore the comment box and submit two forms.
  • c) Submit two forms, writing in the comment box "same class, two days."
  • d) Submit two forms, writing in the comment box "lol I can't see a place to request two times."
  • e) Panic and call the department's front desk during lunchtime, when they're understaffed because their student workers have gone home for the summer.

3) A form asks what semester you would like to request. What do you do?
  • a) Request the semester you want.
  • b) Leave it blank and assume they'll guess correctly.
  • c) Request the wrong semester, and then blame the department when they get it "wrong," even though they have your form on record.

4) A form asks you to check a box if you wish to have a special condition occur. You would like to have that condition. What do you do?
  • a) Check the box.
  • b) Don't check the box, and then blame the department when they get it "wrong," even though they have your form on record.

5) The single staff member that is receiving and processing these forms works part-time and has a class this afternoon, yet you:
  • a) Submit your request late.
  • b) Submit the wrong information.
  • c) Leave out information.
  • d) Call the department when you don't get it processed immediately.
  • e) All of the above, and then nitpick on an inconsequential typo in the response email.

/sigh. I want to go slay pixel monsters.


Mark said...

f) Feel shame and commit seppuku.

Kae said...

The joys of customer support.

Hannah @ Dragons and Whimsy said...

Ouch, bad week? :<

Ueshiba said...

Hahaha... I've often wondered just how many of us WoW players also spend our days working in academia. It's enough to drive us mad and get super pumped to "slay pixels" for sure. Damn red tape and crappy administration!

Alyae said...

There should be another option on all of these questions.

"I'm sorry but your request will take 48 hours to process due to circumstances beyond our control. Have a nice day."

Beranabus said...

I think you should take the same route as blizzard

"I'm sorry but we're currently experiencing a large amount of tickets at this time"