Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mages vs Warlocks

While I have never played either caster dps class past level 30, I have a very clear idea of the differences between mages and warlocks based on my experiences with them.

General Disposition:

I may be a bit biased by the races of the locks and mages I am familiar with. But I'll go with it, because it's funny.

Mages: I'm a pretty blood elf! Like a flower!
Warlocks: I think my jaw fell off. I could use it to bludgeon you to death.


Mages can make snowcones, heat up a mug of cocoa, and dazzle small children with pretty light shows. They also turn people into harmless sheep, and have a fun little feather-fall spell.

With traditional elements of fire, ice, and "innocent" arcane energy, their spells don't, in their base nature of power, really scream "evil."

dazzle small children into oblivion.

No offense, locks, but I'm not going to ask you to babysit my mini-tree anytime soon.


Mages have pets that look like they were fermented out of clouds and bubbles, like a misshapen balloon animal. They also have shiny, pretty bracelets.

Warlocks, meanwhile.... well, that imp may LOOK cute and chibi from its tinyness, but have you ever really looked at one up close? Really?

Click on the image to zoom in.

Do it.



Thus, I believe that all mage gear should be adorned with rainbows and flowers, and warlock gear covered in skulls and the blood of their victims.

...that is all.


Calla aka "the mage" said...

I <3 you, Kae.

I want to steal your images to make my avatar =P.

Seriously... How big does Naz want them????

Alyae said...


To funny. That closeup was awesome. :D

Reb said...

Hahaha, fantastic!

Bring on more skulls and death to the warlock tiers!

Angelya said...

Completely adorable :D

Perdissa said...

Unicorns and kittehs on mage costumes. Maybe angel wings on the back too (like the priest T5s but cuter).

Avatar said...

That was hilarious, loved it, brightened an otherwise-boring day in the office

Alas said...

Oh, this is just perfect. Glad Murloc Parliament linked this!

Erick said...

I lol'd so hard to this... I loved the pics

Anonymous said...

This was neither informative, nor accurate...

Muj said...

^ Naz? lol