Monday, February 8, 2010

My Theory

Boss: "Hey guys, we're having problems getting healers and tanks to queue for heroics. Think of some ideas to fix this with the upcoming holiday." /leaves

Underling 1: "Okay, boss. Hmmm, well, the problem is that there are more dps than healers/tanks."

Underling 2: "But why? Are healers/tanks not as fun? Are they more difficult?"

Underling 1: "Not sure, but clearly, they must not be as enjoyable. We should give them an opportunity to do something else... like dps. DPS is more popular."

Underling 2: "Oh, good idea! They'll have a holiday from tanking and healing."

Underling 1: "So we'll create a holiday mechanic that requires EVERYONE to DPS. It'll be great, and when everyone burns out from 2 weeks of nothing but DPS, there will be more tanks and healers."

Underling 2: "Could work. If nothing else, it will highlight the need for more tanks/healers and force more DPS to respec by the end of it. Let's try it!"

/implement Lovely Charms patch

...seriously, what else could they have been thinking? I'm baffled.


Nasci said...

I admit I kind of prefer this to logging in once an hour or so and chatting up the guards (hangs leafy head in shame). I'll go run the Argent Tournament dailies, with emphasis on the quests that involve killing: gives me a chance to work the dust out of my sad, neglected moonkin feathers and makes a little extra gold for the next raid repair bill...

Alyae said...

Hey hey hey! Are you harpin on my awesome 2.5k DPs as a tank?

I think you are!

Kae said...

Alyae typically outdpses the 3 dps in her pugs, as a tank.

True story.

Theladas said...

So, treekin are definitely at a disadvantage - not much damage you can deal while keeping your branches out.

My Disc Priest has been practicing his Holy Fire/Shadow Word: Death double-hit to great acclaim, however. He's easily getting a bracelet from every other run or so.

Also, Undead footmen in front of ICC? Trample to your heart's content, and watch the charms flow.

~Hoshiko~ said...


go down below dalaran.
pick a spot.
moonfire EVERYTHING you see until it dies.

end tree problem.

be a bear.
go down below dalaran.
pick a spot.
FF/Growl EVERYTHING you see.
When bags fill, go bird and collect cash.

Bears have the easiest time doing this imo.

Deandre - Dalaran said...

Get one other person, go into Ulduar 10 together, start the event at the beginning and both grab a siege tank. Take the tank to the bottom of the ramp and kill dwarves to your hearts content and watch the charms roll in. Gunner seat is recommended of course.

Kae said...

Going out of the way to collect charms is not an answer to the actual problem... the problem being that we even HAVE to come up with out-of-the-way solutions to collecting charms as healers. DPS (and tanks to a lesser extent) can get them when they queue for a daily heroic and run raids... healers have to jump through hoops.

Zigi said...

I think they just fixed this. Just healed a heroic and got like 12 tokens.

Kae said...

Ask (rant) and ye shall receive. :D

Rul said...

Am I missing something? Is there any specific reason to do the charm quest at all? I'm just doing the other two dailies for 10 tokens a day, since the only thing I saw on that vendor that wasn't readily attainable last year was the Peddlefeet pet for 40 tokens. The rest seems redundant.

Kae said...

Not everyone completed the achievement last year. Personally, I got it all done except perma-peddle on my main, but not everyone has!