Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10-strict Sindy down

She's very tough in ten-strict gear. We tried lots of strats. We wiped a lot. And we finally got her tonight, with what is likely the strangest re-working of our raid that we've yet seen. :)

  • MT: our prot warrior
  • OT: our resto druid as a dps cat spec
  • Healers: our prot pally (in holy kit), our shadow priest (in disc kit), and our resto shaman
  • DPS: unholy DK, ret pally, 2x warlocks (afflic and destro), marks hunter

So... we put our HoTs (me) into cat gear/spec and told her to go bear periodically in P3 to taunt it off the warrior (burn every cooldown possible to stay alive, including frost pots), while the warrior dropped his mystic buffet stacks as quickly as he could and taunted her back before the bear-cat-tree got frost burnt.


It worked. Major props go to our offspec healers, and it just highlights the importance of having a geared offspec in such a small raid that is a different role than your mainspec. Even if it means taking a healer and making them dps/ot while taking a tank and a dps and making them heal... because currently, nothing compares to a feral druid's ability to be uncrittable and have survival instincts in a dps spec and armor pen gear!!

We're staring down Arthas on his throne right now and refreshing ourselves on his strat. We're all pretty giddy right now after hurdling Sindragosa... let's see if she turns out to have been harder than the Lich King himself :)


Windsoar said...

Grats!!! Nothing like changing your entire raid comp to make something work! ^^

Josh said...

That's awesome, congrats! I couldn't agree more about being flexible in any situation.

Alyae said...

Why did we rework the raid so much?
Because the key to this fight is to get her into Phase 3 before she gets to the 4th air phase. Otherwise you will find you hit the enrage.

Phase 35%-0% takes as long as 100%-35% give or take, so you want to squeak out as much DPS upfront as possible. We needed 3 healers because of the RNG of the ice blocks and backlash in phase 3, so to beat the enrage we had to use 1.5 tanks in 10 strict gear.

This is what worked for us, and thankfully Kae was awesome enough to make it a win.
No actually... Kae is win! GO BEARTREE!

alaron said...

Kae, how long did you have to hold the boss, roughly?

(I've had a post idea kicking around in my head about kitty druids being the best emergency tanks, and would like a few examples.)

Kae said...

Alaron, it varied depending on whether or not the tank was able to drop his stacks quickly. Sometimes the timing of the iceblocks (and the dps killing them) made it take longer than normal. But... I was able to hold her through frost breaths, and that's what mattered: frost pots and survival instincts were popped when I saw a breath coming. The MT ran back to my rescue as quickly as he could :) I did take one frost breath without the pot/SI, and barely survived.

Anonymous said...

Grats Kae! It sounds like you had a ton of fun :)

Ram said...

It mostly depended on how far the iceblocks were from me. Being a warrior I was able to Intervene someone close to the iceblock and charge back to Sindy.

Also it varied depending on when a Mystic Buffet pulse occurs. If I got another stack before LoSing Sindy then I would have to wait the full 7 seconds of the debuff.

If the OT taunts immediately after a breath than there's a 15 second window to drop stacks. Which seemed to be long enough. Though the alternate strat of waiting till midway through the breath timer ensures low debuff stacks for the breath.

I'd say an average of 10-15 seconds on Kae. She'd probably have 3-4 stacks and I (using Frost Resist gear) had 9-11 stacks.

Ram said...

Also, as I mentioned, I used 3 pieces of Frost Resist. Which helps quite a bit. Even though its lower level gear it improved my survivability substantially :)

Mark said...

Raid composition gymnastics at its finest! :D

Cuantro said...

Grats on the kill. I am the tree druid in Frayed a strict 10m. I have been reading your posts and updates for months and love your blog. We got our first attempts in on Arthas tonight and since you are the grid guru I was wondering how you added Infest so it would show up on grid. Thanks for any help.

Kae said...

Cuantro, check out this post about Grid Debuffs. I added Infest as well, along with Necrotic Plague (since I don't usually watch diseases)! :)