Sunday, February 7, 2010

Love is in the Air... of course that means we should go forth and slaughter our enemies this year and turn their drops/parts/innards into lovely charm bracelets for our wonderful faction leaders.

...wait, what?

The quests and achievements this year are all a bit different. Most notably, there is
  • a new quest chain in Orgrimmar,
  • a daily summons boss in SFK,
  • you get love tokens to buy stuff through daily quests,
  • and you need to collect charms to turn into bracelets for these quests by getting killing blows on targets that are in a level range to give you xp (and not even a 100% chance to drop).

Yes, healers, this sucks for us. Get your dual-spec dps kit on and get ready to solo some world mobs (fun, I know ><). Or go do HoS and get killing blows on your fellow party members by being too close to them during the stone-block on Krystallus ;) (Yes, seriously, I got a KB on a mage party member today and was given a charm for it). Alternatively, CoS zombies and the dwarves inside Ulduar10 seem to work well. The charms only stack to 10, and the bracelets don't stack, so only farm as many as you need and have room to hold on to... though you can buy/sell the bracelets on the AH, or just beg them off your dps buddies with a sizeable guilt-trip.

If you want a full walk-through of the achievement, I highly recommend Alaron's post over at The Fluid Druid. He has a step-by-step guide on what you need to do for the achievement this year.

My only thing to add aside what I've rambled on already is a quick visual guide on where the crates are outside Org when you get turned into a goblin for the Pilfering Perfume quest (cuz I wasted a costume just trying to find it!):

Have fun ;)


Alaron said...

As did I for SW. :) I was halfway to Goldshire before I thought...hmm, maybe I should turn around. :)

Mark said...

It's totally a companion cube. :D

Kae said...

It would rather die in a fire than become a burden to you.