Friday, February 19, 2010

Highlight: Hand of Salv

So, shortly on the heels of my shammy cohealer making himself his own blog, our ret pally (the one who cohealed offspec holy with me to an alone-in-the-darkness victory) has picked up the blogging bug as well. AttackAttack (yeah, shortening his name in vent is still being sorted out) has started Hand of Salv.

"My hope with this blog is to provide my personal insight into Strict 10 man raiding, raiding as retribution/holy, and my general experiences with the game." He's a pretty competitive sort, which is a relative rarity in 10-man guilds due to the game's overall focus on 25-mans with the world-firsts and rankings sites (guildox being the only one that currently offers 10-strict rankings and "firsts").

He also just recently returned to the game, after taking a short break before the introduction of T9 content. Which means I get to pick on him a bit:



So, go check him out, give him a warm welcome, and prod him to post some more :)

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