Monday, February 1, 2010

Highlight: Ancestral Knowledge

A shaman guildie and fellow healer of mine has picked up the blogging bug and started up Ancestral Knowledge.

Happily, this increases the number of 10-strict bloggers, which is awesome as a resource to other ten-man guilds. Among his first posts include his thoughts on Invincible being limited to 25 mans (and he actually read through that whole troll-infested forum thread) and tips on searching for new guilds (which he undertook himself to find mine!). He's also taken the plunge and shared a short RP story--something I've been too shy to do, myself!

Go check it out and give Rul a warm welcome!


Scythe said...

I didn't think Rul could even spell and he's got a blog now!?

Kae said...

I know, right? :)