Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dreamwalker and Lore

The green dragonflight fascinates me, from a druid perspective. They are the guardians of the Emerald Dream, and from an ancient pact between Ysera and Malfurion, all druids themselves must spend time in the Emerald Dream in trade for their powers over nature.

This pact isn't really discussed much in-game. Night Elves do have the opportunity to escort a sleepy bear-druid down the road of Darkshore, but it's only a taste of the deeper lore behind druids. Druids are supposedly called into the dream to fight against the corruption of the Nightmare (remember the 4 corrupted green dragons around Azeroth that we used to farm NR gear for AQ40?), but player druids have, of course, not been included in this. Understandably from a game perspective, though odd from a lore perspective.

When I switched my main from my alliance druid Kae to my horde variant, Kaelynn, I felt I needed to somehow wrap up or otherwise explain what happened to my elf. I decided that she would be one to answer those summons to fight the nightmare within the Emerald Dream. Thus came to be the title of this blog: Dreambound. When I created her guild tag in-game, I got creative with the rank names, Kae becoming the "Fang of Ysera" (pretentious, I know) while others became Wisps, Figments, and Dream Wardens. From my perspective as a role-player, Kae is locked in the Emerald Dream, fighting alongside other druids against the Nightmare's corruption.

...and that is where I've had to leave it. We've seen little of the green dragonflight since TBC's release, aside working with a few of them in Dragonblight as the flights banded together against Malygos. I was excited with the tantalizing Icecrown quest that sent players briefly into the dream to collect pine cones: a little reminder that it's still there, the Nightmare still teaming with corruption.

Valithria is yet another reminder, and one that isn't corrupted (at least not by the nightmare). I am greatly looking forward to rescuing her this week from the Lich King's experimentation, simply from that feeling of druidly kinship I have to the green dragonflight.

Though my night-elf Kae may be locked in combat in the Dream, Kaelynn yet still walks Azeroth and will see to it that Valithria is freed.

If you'd like to read some of the lore, check out the wowwiki articles: Emerald Dream, Nightmare, and related links.

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