Sunday, February 6, 2011


Because I know I have a wide variety of readers, I wanted to toss this out there:

My guild is recruiting.
(Edit: we filled :) ty for the interest, and please feel free to drop us an application if you think you'd be a good fit for us anyway. We're always on the lookout for exceptional apps!)

I feel bad having to say that, because that means my guild even has open slots. Whenever one of our raiders has to leave or quite the game or drop to casual, it makes me sad. Vortex is a pretty tight-knit guild, so loosing any of our raiders is both a personal loss and a hit to our relatively tiny raid roster.

It happens, though, and we must move on, and make room to forge new memories with new raiders.
  • 1 healer, preferably a shaman or a paladin. (EDIT: filled... with another durid!)
  • 1 Unholy DK with a blood tank offspec. (EDIT: filled)
  • 1 ranged DPS. (EDIT: filled)
I've rambled on about my guild before, so long-time readers probably already know quite a bit about the wacky craziness that is Vortex, but I'll post a few links to specific posts if you want to get a better feel for what the guild is like: A 10-Strict Guild, Wall Feasts, Raiding at the End of an Expansion, Mages vs Warlocks, and Orcish Stick Figures.

If you think you can survive and even thrive in our insanity, we are currently accepting applications for the above positions. Guild Website is here :)


Zy said...

Don't feel bad. Unless you don't like your blog being responsible for Drau joining the guild ;)

Kae said...

Drau is on strike and demands his union rep. <3

Vidyala said...

Good luck with your recruitment, Kae! I was afraid it would be very hard this time but we've managed, I'm sure you'll find some awesome folks to step in. I spread the word on Twitter for you. If I were a) Horde and b) looking for a guild I would be all over your ranged DPS slot!

...That sounded wrong. Um. I'm just going to...I'll just... I'll stop now.

Hana said...

I retweeted Vid's tweet, so it'll go out to more people. :) It actually makes me sad sometimes when I see people looking for a holy pally. In another life my pally might have been my main.

Kae said...

Thanks for the shout-outs! :)

Tsuds said...

hmmm how quickly can I level my holy pally

Unknown said...

You guys are about the 4th guild that I have seen recruiting Unholy Dks. Are we really that rare now?