Friday, November 12, 2010

Wall Feast

The real reason why we got HLK10-strict down:

Wall feasts. This is what happens when you get superstitious with raiding. You spend 30 seconds of buffing time trying to get a fish feast stuck in a wall, and everyone waits patiently without complaint, because IT IS NECESSARY FOR SUCCESS.

Been a busy week. Scythe and I had been working on changing up the guild website and using different, integrated software for its front page, and it's finally up and running. We've had stick-figures in the margins on the forums previously, but now we get to have them on the front page, too. I like the personalization, it gives it more of the guild's character.



Has gotten big.

And likes playing in the bathtub.



Erich Vasburg said...

It's the only right way. If you can't deal with it, try to sit on it. Hah!

Zy said...

The kiddo and River would get along fabulously :) She's been known to dump juice on her head or smear a spoonful of food on her stomach and promptly ask, "Bath?"

Alyae said...

I miss our HLK attempts. Don't get me wrong it was nice to get him down, but I miss the whole challenge we had getting him down and the guild working as a team like we did.

I can't wait for Cata to get all of us pushing forward as the well oiled machine we are.