Sunday, February 6, 2011

Various Updates

So, I've gone through and did some updates to a couple mod posts:
I added a few to the power auras post and updated some of the screenshots. My raiding auras for specific boss abilities include a few I found useful in current Cataclysm raids, like Parasitic Infection. Following in Beru's footsteps, I also made a Chef's Hat aura because, well, raiding with a chef's hat on is bad. >_>


In other news, I got Tyrande's Plushie, and I looooove it. It was the 123 total NE artifact I created... that's a lot of surveying, but oh so worth it.

I haven't surveyed since then.


In terms of spec stuff, I have been following my combat log parses for a month or so now, and determined that efflorescence really makes me cry. The amount of healing it does, especially in a 10-man where we still have to spread out fairly often, is too weak compared to other talents I could spend points in.

So I dumped it back to 1/3 points and stuck the other two points in Genesis. Mmmm Genesis.


This was in regards to the last boss of Stonecore wiping out 3 people at once with a rock.

Some PuGs have made me whimper, others have made me laugh until my sides were splitting. It is comments like that that get me to join the dungeon finder each day when my guildies aren't always available.

Of course, there are still interesting things I start to notice after running an instance for the ten zillionth time.

Like this.

My husband pointed this one out to me during a half-pug daily heroic. It has resulted in me spending a lot of time staring at the instances now rather than at the party's health bars, in search of more interesting faces in the walls and floor... no one has died from it. Yet. :D


Ohken said...

Genesis is tasty indeed. I went to a talent calculator based on your idea of trading efflorescence for genesis, though, and I see a problem. You can only have 10 points outside of restoration, and taking genesis means giving up either moonglow or furor.

The tradeoff between these three talents is close. I believe moonglow and furor will both give more total healing over the course of a fight. They are different in how they help you, however. Genesis makes each rejuvenate do more, whereas the other two will allow you to cast more rejuvenates without going out of mana.

Kae said...

I haven't found a need for both furor and moonglow. Furor is 15% increase to your mana pool (which also impacts how much you get back with innervates) while moonglow is just a 9% cost reduction, so I think it's a better choice between the two mana talents (unless I am missing something). It comes down to the trade off between: is your raid dieing faster than you can get heals off, or are you going OoM and is that the cause of your wipes?

Gear level can ultimately play into both, of course.

Sephrenia said...

To avoid Chef's hat mishaps you could try using the add-on IronChef. When you open your cooking window it automatically equips your hat, changes your title to 'Chef' and then when you close the window it changes your hat back and puts your old title back on. I love it :)

PS Please can we have some tactics for guilds making slow progress in new places? I love your stick pics :)

PPS Where s the obligatory puppy picture?

Theladas said...

I blame lack of puppy pictures for all our interrupting woes on Nefarian. Should be addressed ASAP.

And yeah, Efflorescence looks so pretty, but half the time I have to move out of it for some boss mechanic or other (damn lightning-infused Onyxia). Even when I'm in it for the full time, +30% of the swiftmend over 7s seems kind of meh. Buffing every hot in your arsenal seems far better, as it impacts all of your healing (LBs for more are tasty on tanks, and rejuvs & WGs for the raid).

Also, can't hurt to have 4s more on Moonfire and IS, can it?

Kae said...

What? I NEVER--......

Yeah, okay, I moonfire stuff. PEWPEWLAZERS BWAHAHA!

I tried making use of the green puddle on the ranged group, but most of the time I get only about 3 people in it, and the healing it does isn't worth the talent points over Genesis. LB, rejuv, and wild growth ultimately do the bulk of my healing, and Efflorescence was only doing 4% of my total healing over a raid night if it was lucky. I'd give it more consideration if we were a 25-man raid, but... I kinda gotta put my eggs into the tank-healing basket :)

Anonymous said...

I can't verify the maths here...but Cuddelkin posted an analysis on the mana efficiency of Moonglow vs. Furor, which includes a spreadsheet where you can input your own values.

After putting in my numbers and squinting at it some, I always came to the same conclusion as Cuddlekin, 3/3 Moonglow beats 3/3 Furor.

I dropped my Furor points in favor of Genesis and Moonglow. I will admit to missing the larger base health pool, but I really do like the cheaper spells.

Sakaki said...

Grats on the doll! And I do the chef hat thing all the time, but normally the boss is dead by then, so no harm done... right? XD Only did it once in cata so far, due to the lack of anything to cook yet.

I've been lazy and waiting for the patch before I change my spec up a little.