Sunday, January 30, 2011

Surprises from the Sky

I have a bad habit of procrastinating more and more, the longer I am away from something. I keep telling myself "I need to take the time to write a post" and "there's nothing really keeping me from writing another post" and yet... days kept slipping by. I even had ideas, I just didn't seem to be able to get up the willpower to drop my other distractions and actually sign into blogger to share them.

Bad Kae.

Well, this morning I got the proverbial kick-start, in the form of an unguilded death knight dropping down on my head in the far corner of the world.

"Kae! :D "

I was out in Silithus at the time, having just finished collecting a survey node out in those horrible ruins full of poor, tormented druid NPCs, during my seemingly never-ending quest to make Tyrande's doll. I tilt my head slightly at the new arrival, mousing over her (female character), guessing that she must be one of my guildies' alts. Especially when she announces she has gifts for me. I have guildies drop me basilisk livers and potions at unexpected times. And an unguilded alt may just be passing me herbs or something to dump in the guild bank. All reasonable guesses, right?

I was wrong in my guess. He was Sakaki of Azgalor, author of Tree Sproutling, come along with some shiny gifts just because he felt like saying hi to me.

Stalker. *heart*

This was probably the best possible incentive to get me to sign into blogger and make a post. Thank you, Sakaki, for the minipet, for the dress, and for the motivation, even if it was unintentional! Was great to meet you :D


Sakaki said...

hehe, I'm quite crazy aren't I. I thought I might inspire a post about this XD Now I have to go spruce up my site some. Though currently I'm working on the guild's website and my druid's UI, so it'll have to wait till later ><

I hope I can inspire some more posts later :D

Anonymous said...

i like your druids screenshot, what dress/skirt is she wearing?

Lyrea said...

Welcome back! I always look forward to what you have to say (if that is any extra incentive)



Sakaki said...

That is the Formal Dangui from moonglade ;)

Glowberry said...

Oh my - that dress is closest to the rarest thing in the game. It spawns about once every two months on the vendor in Moonglade. I have one sitting on a mule on another server, and I wistfully think of transferring it over sometimes... is that too vain?
It's a gorgeous dress! You have classy stalkers! =D

Fnar said...

Hi Kae, thank you for your blog and posts. These are what kept me healing in a difficult time (even if my main became a Troll in the meanwhile) :P just wanted to say thank you for your work (and done in a such nice, clear and gentle way)


(Sorry, english is not my main language :P)
Fnar-Hakkar EU

Draccus said...

I absolutely love how we enjoy all of our characters and the dynamics behind them.

Personally on my server of Kael'thas I still have the dream of forming up purely druid teams and taking stuff on for the experience of it. Just imagine 40 Druids of all 3 specs grouped up to down Onxi or 25maning LK only to see a shapeshifting victory lap afterwards.

Oh well, just thought I would swift flight form in to say hi and thanks. Keep up the great work, and maybe we will que up in the great cross realm wonder some day.