Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vortex Streaming Tonight

Warlock PoV.
  • Toravon and Sarth25 done
  • Marrowgar Hard down
  • Deathwhisper Hard down
  • Gunship "Hard" down... in flames. lol.
  • Saurfang Hard down
  • Valithiria Hard down
  • Council Hard down
  • Lanathel Hard... omgwtfrabidtree, they surprised me and made us 2-heal it. /whimper. Somehow we managed to one-shot it anyway, but it HURT!
  • Rotface Hard down

And that's it for the night :) join us tomorrow at 7:30 EST for Heroic Sindragosa work, hopefully we'll get her down!



Mark said...

Lana'thel was funny:
Hm, this is odd. We have the 15% buff, shouldn't this be *easier* than last week? Wait, Attack is in melee, Muj is tossing lightning bolts and Bus is a boomkin...

"Um, guys? We're two healing this aren't we?"

Anonymous said...

I was worried cause all the sudden i thought we had told me to go holy but missed it.

Calla said...

It was funny to listen to that discovery on vent last night ;). Our healers are nothing short of fantastic, so it's no surprise that they were able to handle it!

Kae said...

It was my fault for not thinking about it, either. None of us did. It was a "Lalalala OHSHIT!" situation ;)

Sorry for your deaths, Naz-lock-who-has-no-nose.

Mark said...

I'd take two-healing Lana'thel over Sindragosa any day of the week. At least that fight is about triage and smart use of GCDs even if it does push it to the limit. Sindy hard is just running around like a chicken with its head cut off staring at your debuff bars to make sure you don't kill yourself by doing your job.

Lemontree said...

How much hps do you do? I've always wanted to 2 heal it on hard mode but it sounds very scary.

Kae said...

A cut of the combat log on Lanathel:

Resto druid: 11,800 EHPS (60% rejuv)
Resto Shaman: 8,600 EHPS (66% chain heal)

Actual HPS was almost 14.9k and 10.5k, respectively.

Mark said...

I forgot to swap in my 4 piece for that fight too :( The HPS would have been a bit higher if I had.