Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The real deal EPEEN mod!

...so, Blizzard joked last Thursday that it would implement a special EPEEN function to limit player interactions with each other based on gear level, with a special, growing bar over a player's head that would signify their gear and coolness level.

The creator of TidyPlates:ThreatPlates took the idea and ran with it.

Yes, it's a real mod. If I wasn't trying to be quiet in my cubicle right now, I'd be lol'ing.

EDIT: It requires GearScore to be installed to run properly. It doesn't need to be enabled, but it does need to be installed. Bahh I had hoped to never "infect" my machine with GearScore, but if it's to make a mockery of it, I suppose I can forgive myself :)


Zelmaru said...

Snerk. I love it.

Kae said...

I tried getting it to run last night for a screenshot, but the mod didn't import as an option in my tidyplates at the time :) trying again when I get online tonight for raid-time... hehee.

Pixielated said...

Love it! Speaking of EPEEN... I'd like to get your opinion on something if you don't mind. I was recently “informed” that resto druids are “Dead Last” in effectiveness of tank healing. I realize our raid heals are kick ass, but to have someone tell me we suck as tank healers, or that we should be last priority when assigning a healer to a tank, struck a nerve. I’m curious as to what your thoughts are!

Kae said...

Tree druids can tank heal if specced into the nourish-boosting talents. I raid near-exclusively in 10-man, and I heal both tanks and the raid all together, as do my non-druid cohealers. Where druids fall short is in defensive cooldowns: our barkskin is self-only, so all we can do is pop a full (and impressive) arsenal of hots up on the tank and spam nourish at them, with swiftmend/NS+HT for quicker, larger chunks. WG on the tank or her target will further boost nourish and heal the melee at the same time.

Can a resto druid out-perform another class in tank healing? Sure, all comes down to gear and skill (including reaction times). But, to be honest, I prefer not having a strict "assignment" (unless range mechanics make it a necessity): I like being free to put hots on ALL of the tanks and have the flexibility to fill in where needed.