Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vortex Raid Streams

...take 2. Our warlock (Harsesis) has been playing for a few months to get his connection and streams more reliable, and recently it's been pretty stable. If you're curious to watch, we do raid Tues, Wed, and Sunday evenings from 7:30 to 11:30 EST (GMT-5), and you can spy on me here:

It is streaming as of the time of this posting :) About to kick over Toravon then go play with ICC10 hardmodes.

  • Toravon down
  • Valithria Hard down
  • Princes Hard down
  • Lanathel Hard down
  • Festergut/Rotface Hard down, that's it for tonight :) Put, Sindy, LK on Sunday evening.

Offtopic: Avatar has a midnight release tonight. Yays.


Aricelle said...

Nice streaming... last one I saw you guys pushed it to 99% on Valithria HM. But I gotta go to my own raid now.

Luck, Ari

Kae said...

They got him right after :) They just pulled me off my shammy alt for Prince work... hopefully we'll get Princes as a first-time hardmode tonight!

Mark said...

That 99% Valithria "wipe" was incredibly lame. Both the healers had come out of the portal for a good 5+ seconds, and we were still alive and healing when everything else despawned on us. We were so close that my unit frames had already rounded up Valithria's health to 12.0 million and 100%.