Thursday, April 15, 2010

Offtopic: Breast Cancer Awareness

Going to touch on a different kind of healing, a real kind. This video was linked to me when it was first released back in November, and it makes me smile every time I watch it or even just listen to the song.

What makes me extremely happy is to find that the artist of the song the hospital chose to use, "Down" by Jay Sean, said he was honored that they had chosen his song for such an important message, and he held a live concert, complete with pink gloves:

In the above vid, there's an interview with Jay Sean about the viral video.

Cancer has touched my extended family in many ways, including breast cancer. Cancer has touched my guild: we have a very special rank called "Remembered." Videos like these are inspirational for millions across the world: catch it early as possible, and fight it, fight it as hard as you can.


Alyae said...

This is amazing. One of the most noble professions for a noble cause.

Kae said...

/signed :)