Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How to Bump *THREADS* with Style

*edit: Calla, get your head out of the gutter ;)

Recruitment is a big deal these days. It's the doldrums of WotLK, as content stalls and eyes focus ahead to an unreleased expansion pack; some players loose interest, some just have a change of summer plans, some graduate and have to completely change their lives. It's expected.

Of course, with that, comes a slew of recruitment posts on forums, which have to be repetitively bumped back to the first page of a forum to ensure maximum advertisement. This is referred to as "bumping."

My guild is one of these forum recruiters.

Now, I have a strange kind of honor upon myself to be creative in my bump posts. It feels like spam to just bump a thread for the sake of bumping. Posting filler content to bump a post to the top of a forum feels like downright cheating. Examples include:
  • Bump
  • /bump
  • Up
  • up!
  • .
  • ..
  • ...
  • bump bump
  • bump!
  • And every other variation of these in repetition, punctuation, and capitalization.


So, when I get a poke from my guild to go help bump the recruitment threads, I take a moment to consider what I'm going to write. Some examples:
  • "Dot dot dot" Scythe? Moar DOTS! :3
  • I'm here cuz Scythe made me do it. /ducks
  • I'd shapeshift out of tree to cast more moonfare, but then people might die and that'd be bad.
  • AH! Loud noises! I wonder if sound can travel through a pally bubble?
  • Moo! Moo, I say, Moo!
  • <---spends more time ARGIEING about bumping threads than actually bumping them. Just sayin'.
  • Yellow leaves flash by;
    A punch as I run in: rawr!
    Rabid melee tree.
  • Vroom vroom kitty kitty with a pretty post!
    Zippy zippy tru da forum
    Scythe's done bumps da most!
    Here's hoping they aren't scared away
    As I sing it all day long!

Come on... how many recruitment threads sing for their potential applicants?

Now, there are bonuses to this: it keeps you and your guild entertained while doing what would otherwise be an excessively boring chore of thread-bumping. It also gives your potential applicants a glimpse at your guild's personality: their ability to write legibly, their creativity, their typos or use of l33t 5p34k, and how formal or joking they are with each other.

BTW, we're recruiting a healer (sham/pally) and a melee dps (rogue/shaman) for 10-strict raiding, 11/12 hardmodes. ;) If you are interested, clicky here to app!


Alyae said...

I did some creative ones too. YES!
Now i don't get lumped in with Scythe! WEE!

It usually depends on what i'm doing at the time.
I usually bump while scrounging up dinner or eating it, so I don't get creative

Anonymous said...

The one thing I'll say coming from having only a decent knowledge of ten stricts is this - would having 25 man achievements or loot be a detriment to an applicant, and how would one figure that out?

Now this isn't a personal question, it just seems like something you don't address in your ad that might help narrow the field.

Kae said...

That's something we don't personally limit our applicants on, therefor it's not something we really post about. When applicants are curious/concerned, they tend to ask during the interview itself :)

It's not really been an issue thus far. The GuildOx strict rankings have some (small) wiggle room for recruits coming in with previous achievements.

Vidyala said...

When I'm the one bumping a forum post, I'm afraid I'm pretty boring, but it gets the job done! Good luck finding the folks you need. :D

Scythe said...

Given the volume with which I bump to keep us towards the top of the non-stop Horde Guild recruitment forum (/pokes Kae), I've lost whatever creativity I might usually have =)

@ED - fair point and good feedback, thanks! We have a snippet of language in our application that touches on folks not having to be 10-strict prior to joining us, so I added that to our post.

Kae said...

No excuses! BUMP LIKE A PRO! <3

Hana said...

When bumping on the Horde Recruitment Forums I've made it a point to never bump with the same phrase twice! It gets hard after a while, but I still have yet to repeat myself!

Kae said...

I started into haiku this afternoon :)

Calla said...

I've been single a long time! What do you expect???