Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vortex Haiku

Haiku from my guild
Aren't we creative people?
See what boredom brings.

"Recruitment Bumping"

Quickly now you post
A bump in haiku format,

My, this forum moves.
Like lightening, it dumps your threads
to the second pane.

Do guildies stop bumps
Because they just want to see
All of my haiku?

It is getting late,
but that doesn't stop the bumps,
not until I sleep.

"Good morning to you,"
says the black cat on my bed,
as claws stretch at me.

Grumble Grumble Grrr
Morning time has come for me
Time for some waffles.

Clearly Scythe must learn
How to write bumps in haiku.
At least it's not dull.

I agree with Kae
We must keep using Haikus.
Don't fail the mission.

Five beats for the first,
the middle one has seven,
You can do it, too!

It's really easy
Even for a Death Knight see.
What is the problem?

I grin at edits;
makes me wonder if it was
Miscount, or reword?

Edits do happen
Usually due to spelling.
Only I will know.

I once saw an app
Entirely in haiku
I wish I saved it.

Tonight is alt night
but I have dinner with friends
so I might be late :(

I wish I could write
As well as you two can do
but this is just poo.

I is a shaman
I can pew pew and heal too
and sometimes hit stuff

Flame Shock Lavaburst
Elemental Oath go go!
then spam lightning bolt

eff aye eye ele dot
zo-mah-gawd, Scythe, just haiku
exclaimation point!

That was pathetic,
At least make an attempt, man.
Fail druid is fail.

This thread needs something.
What could be missing from here?
Oh, I know! Haiku!

You call these bumps, eh?
Hm. This thread has degraded.
I do not approve.

T T T T T,
T T T T T T T.
T T T T T.

Lunch time sees me free,
Flying over Azeroth.
I'm in ur fire.


Mmm cake, om nom nom,
Better than mystic buffet,
Sindy's a fail cook.

Hardmode Lich King now,
healing infest is "teh sux."
Shadow Tarp! Kaboom!

A chill portal swirls
Raiders line up for battle
Don't take my loot, nub.

The trees are burning:
leaves flutter and turn to ash
as Halion lands.


Yellow leaves flash by;
A punch as I run in: rawr!
Rabid melee tree.

Swipe makes the big crits
Mmm big numbers, happy cat.
Oops, now a dead cat.

Nerubian bugs,
Mantis, standing proud and strong,
until my cyclone.

All the health bars drop,
Ack, the party's going down!
Nope. Tranquility.

Keyboard stroke rhythm:
a machine gun, rat tat tat!
blanketing rejuvs.

All you tanks out there,
Why you gotta swing that shield?
Parry with the face.

I'm a fluffy bear
on a boat, up in the air,
guess where I have jets?

~~ I'll add to this as we come up with more :) ~~

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