Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Highlight: RNGesus

So, as several of my followers have been hoping, my guild picked up a moonkin. It resulted in the hoped-for development of a few turkey stick-figures making their way onto my blog (yay furby moonkin stick figures?).

It has also resulted in a new guildie-blogger, one who seems fond of MSPaint, picking lovingly on his guildies, enchanting offspec Lich King loot with "fiery-weapon," and chasing a raid leader around with a ball of shadowy Unbound Plague doom after we've killed the boss and failing to pass it off to him before dieing in a horrible kitty meltdown. I lol'd. short, he's pretty awesome. I love my new turkey guildie, and happily share the leather spellpower gears with him. He even drew me a tree doodle today. So, if you'd like some laughs and a glimpse at the far more goofy side of Vortex, not to mention our heroic Putricide strat, go wander over to RNGesus.

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Beranabus said...

<3 Kae. You're my favourite druid. (Don't tell scythe ;) )... Actually you can tell him :D. But yeah, I would've had him if Kuch had bubbled me!