Monday, January 4, 2010

4-Pc Resto T10 "bug fix"

Ghostcrawler announced on Friday (Jan 1st) that the PTR's 4-pc set bonus for T10 resto kit of having the rejuvenation on the original target be consumed when jumping to a new target is a "bug" that they expect to have fixed for the live servers, and will fix if they find it's not been corrected yet. Whether this is a "bug fix" or a "bug-that-we're-calling-a-bug-because-no-one-wanted-4pc-otherwise-but-we-didn't-expect-that-to-happen," I don't know, but the result is the same.

The "jump" is intended to be a growth of sorts, the spawning of a new rejuv on a new target as a 2% proc each time a rejuv heals someone, without consuming or otherwise impacting the rejuv on the original target. That's about a 12% chance to spawn a new rejuv for every rejuv that you cast, which is close to one free rejuv for every 8-9 that you cast. Since most encounters in ICC have a portion of environmental damage, the rejuv will at least be useful (in most cases) to whoever it does spawn to when raiding in that instance. With revitalize, a bit more so, around the usual overhealing.
  • 12% chance to spawn a new rejuv for each rejuv cast, assuming no overwrites of spell ticks
  • 1 free rejuv per 8-9 rejuvs cast (again, assuming full ticks)
  • Glyphed Rapid Rejuv will spawn new rejuvs faster due to faster ticks
  • The spawned rejuv will still likely jump to pets or overwrite/refresh existing rejuvs on their new target.

In 25s
, I can see this being somewhat useful, where you are less likely to already have rejuv running on the target it spawns on (otherwise it would overwrite the old, like a refresh), and you aren't likely to be able to pop a rejuv on everyone that you'd like to. However, it still has a chance to just choose someone who already has a rejuv on them, simply refreshing the spell, which in turn reduces the chance that each rejuv you cast will proc a spawn since the previous rejuv won't tick itself out fully. Small fries, but it makes the mess of trying to model this proc!

In tens, keeping rejuvs running on most of the raid is rarely an issue, especially if you have three healers. In two-healer situations where tank-healing is more intense for the druid, especially in cutting edge progression for the group's gear level, the set bonus could be useful, but there is still a much higher chance that the rejuv will spawn on someone that already has one running.

In short, the set bonus is meh for 10s, better for 25s, overall worth getting IF YOU ALREADY HAVE CAPPED HASTE. Due to the amount of crit on the T10 set peices (3/5 pieces are crit rather than haste), I intend to make sure I get haste-capped through gear selection before I get the crit pieces of the T10 set for a 4-pc bonus (given restriction to ten-man raid gear and unreliability of 3% haste aura in my own small raids). If/when I do have to get the crit pieces, I won't be too upset, though, as crit is still very useful with Swiftmend, Nourish, NS+HT, and Regrowth.

I do find it ironic that in order to get the rejuv-chaingunning-raid-healer set bonus, you have to take crit stats that the tank-healer druids prefer. :)


Anonymous said...

Heh. I've been sitting on badges, not purchasing a lick of gear until they had this sorted one way or the other.

I think I will wait until someone has some difinative data on if it's "unbugged" or not before spending anything.

You are totally right about the haste though. I'm not sure I can afford to lose some of the haste pieces I have just to pick up tier items. I just don't get why they keep putting so much crit on our set gear, and least with non-set items I feel like we get the choice on which stats we'd like to optimize. =(

Kae said...

I have picked up the gloves so far, which replaced my T9 with their crit bonus. I've been trying to decide if I should wait for the new VoA boss for the legs, or if I should buy those as my next badge upgrade--the irony is, the 251 T10 legs have less haste than the 245 T9.

I figure it will take a lot of time regardless to earn up the badges (particularly without running ICC25) to buy a full set of T10, and in that time, I'll want to pick up offkit pieces. Eventually, heroic mode will be released, and then it'll be a whole 'nother "upgrade to the higher iLevel, or keep the 4pc bonus?" question.

And then we'll level to 85 and it won't matter anymore. :D

Keeva said...

I used my first 60 badges to get the trinket, because I was still using Jetze's Bell and Sif's. I never managed to get a Solace. Managed to snag a Sliver of Pure Ice in 10 man. Felt like I'd "wasted" my 60 badges because I wanted the Abacus in 25 man.. but I think the competition will be high, so I'll wait for a while. Sliver/Dust will serve me well for now.

I think I'm going to pick up the cloth haste belt next (yum), and then the Spruce and Fir chest. Both are on my BiS list, and I don't care much for the T10 stuff anyway. Rather than "upgrade" to T10 immediately, I might wait until I get some tokens - that way I can effecitvely skip straight to the upgraded version (I love the new token upgrade system).

I think I've decided on 4 pieces of T10 (eventually), but I need to check what haste that will bring me to, down the track. If it's too much of a haste hit I'll adjust with other pieces. Luckily, the 4pc bonus never appealed to me, so I don't care if I break it.

Ultimately, I want to get Revitalize back, but if I'm stuck with CF a bit longer, it's not the end of the world. Hopefully I won't need to, though.

Kae said...

I'm pretty sure it's possible, especially with 25-man gear, to haste-cap and still get 4-pc T10. I did some rough math earlier this morning and came up with about 810 haste rating just off the i251 ten-man loot and badge gear (including spruce vest, of course :) ). It just will take some time, given the number of badges involved. I agree that the chest is the best place to go offkit of the 4, since it represents such a large amount of haste.

...and hey, if we get desperate, there's always that melee haste trinket... haha.

Theladas said...

Friendly reminder from the math-aholic:

Probability of an event occurring on several successive attempts isn't simply the sum of the probability of that event occurring on one attempt. Think about flipping coins: if I flip two coins, the probability of getting one heads isn't 1/2 + 1/2 = 1; it's actually 3/4.

What you actually want is the product of the probability that the event doesn't occur on any of the successive attempts: if there are 6 ticks in a rejuv, and each tick has a 49/50 chance of not spawning a new rejuv, then there's a 1 - (49/50)^6 = 11.4% chance that you spawn at least one novel rejuv. Some of that probability applies to multiple rejuvs spawning from a single one that's cast, while most applies to exactly one new rejuv spawning.

Maybe you're already doing this and just rounding - the values turn out to work all the same for the rest of your discussion. But, if thinking about only half of the ticks, or getting a whole lot more in a row, it's good to keep in mind that the odds get less and less impressive. For instance, after 34 ticks there's a 50.3% chance that there still hasn't been a single novel spawn of rejuv; another 34 ticks brings the odds of no novel spawns down to 25.3%, but that's still roughly 1/4th of the time.

Here's to hoping druids have the favor of the RNG gods >.> I do wish there was better news for druids - is rocket-bear still enough to compensate?