Sunday, January 3, 2010

Looking for Haste: 10-strict ICC Gear

...cuz they put way too much +crit on our tier set, crafted, and ToC10 items. The following is a list of haste items that can be purchased with badges or found in 10-man ICC, which is what 10-strict guilds are limited to. If you are limited to 10-mans, be aware of what raid buffs you have available on a regular basis to determine what sort of haste rating you want to aim for, as most sources assume the full raid buffs of a 25-man raid (3% haste aura and Wrath of Air totem). Also remember that some amount of crit is okay, too, especially in ten-mans, where you need it to boost your swiftmends, nourish, NS+HT, and regrowth.

Personally, I will not be getting the 4-pc T10 set bonus (EDIT: until I can get my haste rating soft-capped for the GCD). I plan to get 2-pc T10 through gloves and legs, then going offset for the remaining pieces.

- 264 versions of all boss drops will be available in heroic-mode ICC10, when it is released.
- 264 versions of all T10 items will be purchasable by turning in the 251 piece and an armor token.
- the green ones are my personal choices.

  • The only options with haste (and no hit) are in ToC25.
  • Rotface drops Ether-Soaked bracers, haste/hit cloth.
  • ((Festergut: crit/spirit ))


~~ Note: not all of these bosses have been released yet, as of January 4th, 2009 ~~


Charles said...

Apparently the 4t10 bonus was bugged on the PTR, and it won't "consume" the existing Rejuve when it jumps. So quoth the Ghostcrawler "you just sometimes get a second hot on someone else".


Kae said...

Ah, thank you for linking that.

Still probably won't get the 4-pc, haste >>> "sometimes" getting another HoT on someone in a 10-man :)

Neil said...

When you said "the only healer offhand outside 25s", I'm not sure whether or not you meant "with haste". If haste isn't required, then Onyxia drops the Antique Cornerstone Grimoire in 10-person mode. It has spellpower/spirit and a gimmick summon. It's nothing special, but is maybe worth mentioning :)

Thanks for the list!

Anonymous said...

Kae - Will purchasing the badge of frost items screw up your strict 10 rankings? I ask because there are a few very nice haste belts for us from the vendor, while it's not exactly "in"'s kinda related, right?! :)

Kae said...

Oh! I had forgotten about the gloves and belts on there when i did my gear search. Thanks, Beru! Wonder how I managed to remember the chest but not the belt/gloves?

The 264 stuff is equivalent to heroic ICC10, and as is it purchasable with badges you earn while in ICC10, it doesn't count against 10-strict.

Anonymous said...

I use the craftable cloth "Bejewelled Wizards Bracers". No spirit, but both crit and haste. :)

Kvarts said...

Why no Trinkets?

Kae said...

Haste trinkets are typically "haste procs" or haste click-uses which are unreliable: you do not want your GCD fluctuating wildly, it will throw off your healing rhythm. It is for this same reason that Nature's Grace should not be relied on to reach haste caps as a healer in the current game. Spellpower and mana trinkets are currently the best trinket options for resto druids.