Tuesday, December 7, 2010

WTF I want my Cattakissems!

When I went to pick up my copy of the game, I did it over a lunch break. I was on a limited timetable, needed to still eat lunch and drive home and let River out to do her business, and I looked at the line in the pick-up section of the store and thought, "hey, it's short, this shouldn't take long."

I was wrong.

I stood there with my hubby, waiting. There were two lanes open and 2 people in front of us.

Lane one went through both of the customers ahead of us. Lane two was struggling with confusion over a request for a gift exchange, where in he'd already exchanged it for gift cards (the computer systems track these things, people) and was trying to get it exchanged again using the old receipt, ie trying to pull a fast one for free stuff. Thanks bud for lieing, getting caught, and closing up one lane of the customer support line for half an hour or more.

So, lane one. Slow-moving customer support desk. The 2nd guy is wrapping up his pickup of his own Cataclysm game, and I'm getting ready to walk up when some guy comes around the corner and, walking behind the desk, grabs a vacuum cleaner box and puts it on the counter. Coming back around to the customer side, he waits right next to the other customer, watches him wrap up his transaction, and then immediately speaks up to the young woman behind the counter. "Can I pick this up now?"


WTF I want my Cattakissems!!

You, sir, have just been thrown mental daggers at by a rather pissed off gamer on her lunch break who is channeling her inner rogue alt. Hope you like those iLevel 232 dagger hilts sticking out of your skull, you LINE CUTTER.

I set my jaw and glare at the back of his head as he goes through his pickup of his vacuum cleaner. Angry Kae WTF-tree powers activated. I stand there thinking, "If I were working here, I'd've told him to go to the back of the line. The staff are rewarding him for his rude behavior by letting him get it. What is the world coming to?"

He doesn't even hurry with the transaction. He takes his time.

Finally, he leaves, and I get to pick up my big ole collector's ed box next to the guy who's still arguing that he wants to exchange something he doesn't own anymore for more merchandise, and rush home and let River go potty and give her lunch and pick up a COFFEE NOM MOCHA and head back to work for the afternoon, my soundtrack tucked under my arm.

My spot in line got ninja'd, though, and it rankles me. Grr. Argh.

/moonfires the vacuum.

Things I wish I could speak up and bitch about in-person, but haven't the guts or the time to make a scene about. /sigh.


Angelya said...

You should have told him off... people who jump queues make me see red soooo bad >:( But, then you run the risk of looking like a crazed addict... :)

Crowfoot said...

It's reverse karma.

You're now entitled to rescue Grandmas cat as soon as you arrive, ahead of everyone camping the same spawn spot, without even being in a group!

Huzzah said...

It could be worse, tho. You could be like me and not be able to get your Cattykysm on until tommorrow. I PREORDERED my collector's edish through Amazon. Overnight shipping.

I work at a call center, don't get home until 7:45 pm, so guess what? UPS delivered it, but didn't leave it at my door as instructed. No. They deliver it to the apartment complex's front office. Which closed 5 hours ago. My collector's edish is sitting just under 1000 feet away, locked in my apartment complex's office until 9 am tommorrow.


I'm glad I have backup MMO's to play (World of Tanks FTW!) to take the sting off.

Perdissa said...

Really late, I know.

I usually point out to line cutters that there is, in fact a line here, feigning ignorance that they are unaware of the very obvious queue.

One time, a lady I passed the aforementioned hint to refused to relinquish her ill-begotten place in the queue. I didn't want to make a scene, but turned to my young child and told him "This is very bad manners, son. When you grow up, you must never cut the queue." The lady turned red and finished her transaction real quick. :)