Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A New Expansion

I went and picked up my collector's edition during my lunch break, and took the soundtrack with me to listen to over the afternoon. There are some truly beautiful tracks, and as I type, I am listening to Nightsong and absolutely falling in love with it.

Beautiful. It resonated with some part of me, and called back to my mind my first character, my night elf druid, Kae. That emotional tie I have to her as a character, my concept of her, my experiences with her from the early days tumbling off of Teldrassil's branches all the way to her first piece of T1 cenarian, when she ran around with leafy shoulders and deer antlers, up to her last raids facing off against the waves of undead in ancient Hyjal. Her home, Moonglade, and her heart, the Emerald Dream.

While that particular character is but an alt now, the flood of memories is still present and washing over me, very much a part of my experience and history in the lore-rich world of Azeroth. It is an appropriate time to look back over the past expansions and our experiences with the game, just as we look forward to the new Cataclysm. What will Cataclysm bring us, as players? What will it bring you?

I look forward to:
  • exploring the new zones and incorporating new abilities into my hybrid toolset.
  • the challenge of having mana problems while healing.
  • having to make triage decisions again in 5-man instances.
  • having to worry about aggro, and CC, and positioning again, as that difficulty makes for an enjoyable challenge.
  • experiencing the wonder of exploring new zones and new dungeons, and new raids with the friends I have made across the world.
  • my worgen alt, my love of wolves and wish for playable worgen finally realized.
  • playing again with friends who had left Azeroth behind, but are returning to see the expansion. Friends who had brought me to Azeroth in the first place, all those years ago, and helped baby Kae learn to love this game.
Whether you're already playing around in the expansion or patiently awaiting your copy and the freetime to play it, I wish you a fun and enjoyable expansion.

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Saniel said...

I started buying the CE's with Wrath more for the soundtracks than anything else. The other extras are worth it, but the soundtrack alone is usually enough.

I still kinda choke up a little whenever I listen to the background track for Wrath's opening cinematic.