Sunday, December 5, 2010

Puppy + Snow = Squee

As a northern breed, she took to the snow as if it were... well, all the world was a snowcone.

She and I chased each other around the yard after dark, kicking up snow under the reflected orangy-pink glow of the clouds, slipping and sliding around the yard. I was giggling like a child, and she obviously had better traction than I did and would zip past me trying to be fast enough to not let me tag her. This game isn't fair when mommy's in heavy snow boots and trying to not slide down the hill... but so much more amusing :D

She is solidly larger now than all of her play pals... over 5 months old, she's still growing. She learned she's still not the biggest dog in the world when she met two Great Danes on Saturday. Followed by a Miniature Dachsund puppy. Then she wanted Santa to give her a belly rub.



Kayeri said...

Wow, she is transitioning from totally cute to totally beautiful, she's going to be amazing when she's fully grown... :)

lissanna said...

yay snow puppy!

Simon said...

wow she's getting big :p most dog's loooove snow, ours goes crazy when it's snowing... you'd think the cold would at least make them reconsider but noooo!

Alyae said...

Awe .. river! Shes beautiful!

Christine said...

I love this type of dog, I can always remember the movie "eight below" and the puppy called "devil" =D nice pics Kae.