Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm awake now...

...and I find I must steal the words of Karmakin at I Be A Tree:

I saw the new 31 point talent trees, and I was all…ooooh! More bloggy material!

But nope. The Resto druid tree is messed up and will have to be revised so really, it’s not even close to finalized as of yet.

My sentiments, exactly. Some other bloggers have been having fun hacking together their own versions of the talent trees, but I'll just leave it at this:
  • I don't want flat boosts to stuff in my talents. I want abilities. I like talents like Efflorescence and Revitalize and Living Seed that ADD something SPECIAL to the spells they effect, not a "boosts power by x%."
  • That said, I don't like: Blessing of the Grove, Nat Shapeshifter, Imp Rejuv, Emp Rejuv, Genesis, and Moonglow. They are just flat, "necessary" boosts or mana reductions to certain already-known spells. They are BORING. The only reasoning I can see for them is that they separate a "specced" healer from a feral or, to a lesser extent, moonkin; which I feel is redundant to gear and talented abilities. I was under the impression that they were removing all these sorts of talents :p
  • If Natural Shapeshifter is going to be there, I'd rather it give me something more interesting than just a mana reduction. As it currently is, I'm more likely to put points in furor for the times I say "lol imma bear, rawr" and bash something during a trash pull.
  • Yay for trained OoC.
  • If you &%*# with my Nourish, I will be a sad panda-tree. There will be many frowny faces. Be warned. >:(
  • Perseverance makes me face-palm. Not only is it flat, but also, in its current incarnation (the whole tree being subject to change), it's required for PvE specs (while it strikes me as a PvP-focused defense). It's also very flavorless, especially in comparison to Natural Perfection. If it added some kind of imp-barkskin flavor to it, it might be more interesting. It might be useful to bear tanks in PvE, but it's still pretty boring. I don't mind that spot providing some defense (maybe give bear tanks something to spec into resto for, in addition to pvp trees?), but it needs... more, so it doesn't feel like a waste of points.
  • And finally, I wonder how much of this the devs already know and intend to change or improve upon, since they haven't looked at the druid 31-pt-tree in much detail. If they threw it at us to have us help develop it based on feedback, they are succeeding.

General Kae-Updates:
  • My puppy is two weeks old as of yesterday. Squee.
  • I found out last night that they took Barkskin off the GCD sometime in the distant past. /facepalm. /remacro.
  • We saw P2 of heroic LK10 last night, and survived long enough to kill off two valkyr and a raging spirit. Quote of the night: "Yay, it didn't give Kae an aneurysm!"

EDIT: oh, and because Keeva demanded a stick figure in every post, here:

You even get a rattie, Keev! <3


Jasyla said...

I really thought the long cast-time on Nourish was a mistake when it was reported a while ago. Blizzard said they want us to have a "Flash Heal" type ability...we already do, and now they're taking it away.

I agree that a number of the talents are boring, but overall I'm okay with the tree (except the first tier).

Where are the puppy pics?!

Averna said...

Cutest tree bark jacket EVAR