Thursday, July 29, 2010


Tonight will be a mad [Dash] of packing. I'm leaving tomorrow to go help lead a camp, teaching girls to admire [Nature's Splendor] :) Time to get in touch with my [Nurturing Instinct] while avoiding the [Insect Swarm] (with their [Ferocious Bite]s) and hoping the [Gale Winds] don't blow my tent away (which would most definitely have a negative impact on my [Tranquility]). I shall call upon my [Primal Tenacity] to survive the long hours, but may need to rely on coffee (which I rarely EVER use) to [Revitalize] and [Innervate] myself, else there may be some [Primal Fury] shown.

When I get back, I expect to [Hibernate] for a day or two.

Okay, done linking. WHAT? It was fun :D
I posted a pic of where I was going to my guildies, and Bus used MSPaint to draw me into the scene:

<3 Bus!
There's a running joke in the guild about my wilty tree leaves... I'm jealous of the treants.

BBL :) Maybe once camp is over I'll finally find time to finish my belated Halion strats!


Kaethir said...

have fun!

Rades said...

Hope you manage to avoid Hurricanes, Typhoons and Cyclones on your trip!

Rhii said...

Have fun at camp, Kae! I love camps. When I was in college I used to staff an 8 week wilderness camp every summer. I miss it and am jealous of you! :)

Beranabus said...

"Sorry guys, I died to cutters because I thought the treants were Kae!"

"That's silly Kae has wilty leaves!"

<3 Kuch.

Have fun Kae!

Angelya said...

Have a great time :) Make sure you take precautions against Insect Swarm too!!!

Turagor said...

Why is one of the non-wilty trees have a sad face, You'd think he'd be grateful to have green leaves.