Sunday, March 27, 2011

Watch us Wipe...

As a reminder, my guild's warlock runs a video stream of our raids! We are currently working on H-Maloriak and are hoping to kill him for the first time this evening. The stream has a chat bar that I periodically join in on :)

Aside, we are recruiting specifically a holy/ret pally or a resto/dps shammy to join our roster.

Raid times:
7:30-11:30 EST, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday


Kay said...

Congrats, I just watched you drop him!

Sakaki said...

Ahh! I should watch that >< I keep almost logging on but then don't... I've gotten to the password screen a few times and I felt awkward about which server to log onto, lol.

Alyae said...

Did you see that?
It was madness.
I wish you could have heard vent.
We'll have a video made by our holy priest by end of week.

As the tank for that, phase two for me was one big cluster F.
I need to find a better way of doing that. I was cris crossing fire all over the place. He does the fire to quickly to really position him properly between jets.
Quite annoying.

Unknown said...

I can easily play vent but Scythe said no sir.

Kae said...

Longest title EVAR.

Ly said...

Sounds like you got him down, big congrats!!!

Kae said...

TY :D We killed him within 4-5 attempts (not counting resets due to him not spawning adds before first black phase) again last night, so its repeatable! Yay!