Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Efflorescence: Know your Green Goo

By most reports and my own experience, projected textures is currently bugging to not actually show in spite of being enabled and graphics on ultra. I heard a little horror story about Hodir in a Ulduar run.

Fanthisa pointed out a fix for this, that worked for me and many of my guildies: interface->display->DISABLE the option to "emphasize my spell effects."

Regardless, you can still see the spell effects drifting lazily up from the floor in all their raid-eating glory. Except, now, some of those effects are not the notorious "bad," or even the fellow-raider consecrate or death and decay of neutrality. Some of them are good. Like the massive shiny domes of holy light, or the twinkling sanctuary of angelic aurora light.

Or the more easily mistaken green puddle of efflorescence.

Good green puddle:
  • Leaves flying up in the air like a reverse autumn fall. This is symbolic of resto druids loosing their tree form, as their leaves drift upwards into the digital ether.
  • Hazy green aura. The fact that it looks like many other poisonous, acidic, nuclear, or otherwise deadly hazy green auras is mere coincidence. Green is life. Green is nature. It's retribution for my complaints that our old tree form had wilted yellow leaves.
Bad green puddle:
  • Anything else.

Got it? It's not that difficult, is it? No, of course not.


Yeah, let's go with some pictures.

Pretty straight forward on this one. Big green puddle, vs hazy green leafy light. If you mistake the moving green oozling that's slurping around trying to eat someone to be an efflorescence puddle, you have some serious awareness issues that I can't help with.

This next one is more tricky.


Vinn diagram of hazy green.

If they add leaves to a bad green effect in a later instance, we're screwed. Let's hope we don't face off against the green dragonflight anytime soon. For now, if you see leaves falling up into the sky in your green puddle, you can assume it's safe.

Unless it's layered on top of a bad green.



Good luck!


Poneria said...

The floaty leaves remind me of VDW's portals, at least, when I'm not up close and in them.

At worst, I go by my incoming battle text (it's big and in the middle of my screen) and if the numbers are green, it's a good green, and if the numbers are red, it's a bad green. :)

But anytime I see one (or the priesty version) in SW or IF I go running into it to stand in it, just because it's fun. No matter WHAT I was doing when I saw it.

Fanthisa said...

Apparently if you go into Interface, then display and click off emphasize my spell effects hodir and the efflorescence effect pool show up. it really doesn't look like any other green pool in my opinion.

Zelmaru said...

Yeah... when it's yellow haze it's totally obvious that it's AWESOME. Green haze is a little trickier. Maybe they could have like elune-beams come down like with the lunar festival.

Kae said...

Good tip, Fanthisa! I will definitely be trying that out.

Anonymous said...

I did Hodir this week, and regardless of not being able to see the rune on the ground, it wasn't all that bad. You could approximate where it was going to hit based on the snowflakes. Overgearing the content made up for the challenge.

Eulynn said...

The Venn diagram cracks me up.

Chris said...

Very funny post. Poor tree form :(

Angelya said...

"This is symbolic of resto druids loosing their tree form, as their leaves drift upwards into the digital ether."

Omg. I will not be able to avoid crying whenever efflorescence is around now D:

Tsuds said...

OH! I love it particularly the Venn Diagram for those more mathematical and scientific players so they can apply set theory :).

The other way to tell the difference is if I start swearing at you while I'm healing, you are standing in the wrong green stuff.

Tam said...

Love it - I think the problem is that ICC has trained us too well to get the fuck out of the green shit. So it's now essentially asking players to react against their instincts: "out of green, into this green."

Good ... green ... does ... not ... compute.

Kae said...

Angelya: sorry for ruining your green puddles :( Just remind yourself that it's not *totally* gone, just hidden within like a latent seed that has a 30-second lifespan and a 3-minute germination period.

As for trying to convince players that a green puddle is good while they're dodging other green puddles, I started calling out on vent "good green" whenever I cast swiftmend, so they would be aware there was a healing puddle around. The priesties did similar when they yelled at people to stand in the bubble dome. Ahh raid training at its finest.

Then Theladas pointed out that I was making vinn-diagrams of good and bad greens, based on peoples' positions when I swiftmended them. NOT MY FAULT! :D

Theladas said...

And I had to chime in about it...

"If we stand in the middle, do they cancel out? Wait, wait, does this mean that we can trivialize H Halion by making our good puddles reverse his baddy puddles?!"

In the favor of Disc priests, we've been learning that domes are good since Wrath hit: Malygos Anti-Magic Zones (AMZ) and DK AMZs are both dome-style protectors.

Unknown said...

I HAVE A QUESTION! I want to know if GENESIS affects EFFLORESCENCE? please let me know