Sunday, September 19, 2010

World 2nd, US 1st...

10-strict Bane of the Fallen King!

Kae: "I was singing along to Owl City's Fireflies as he went down... interspersed with SHIT and UH OH."

I am fairly sure we got it recorded from a couple different view points :) Will be linking them up as soon as they're hosted!


((Edit note for Beru: had nourish, swiftmend, RR glyphs))
((Edit 2: if you're one of those that likes staring at meter parses, have at: WoL, WMO))
((Edit 3:

Raid makeup:

MT: Feral Druid
OT: Prot Pally
Heals: Disc Priest, Resto Druid
Ranged DPS: Marks Hunter, Shadow Priest, Boomkin, Ele Shaman, Destro Lock, Demo Lock
Melee DPS: ....... ?

(Does me punching the Lich King in the back a few times count as melee?)


Windsoar said...


Vidyala said...

A huge congrats to all of you, Kae! You are all awesome and I know how hard you worked for it. WAY TO GO! /caps

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Very nice work and very impressive!!

Congrats to you and all of your team!

Business Time

Kae said...

We've spent the remaining hours of raid time sitting on the railing of the bank steps in Dalaran, joking around and wearing shiny bubbles and titles.

...because wiping to Heroic Halion would be too dang demoralizing after killing HLK.

Keeva said...

Wow, congratulations, aweseomw work!

Lots of people (myself included) probably won't even get it done with 277 gear :P

Angelya said...

That's awesome!! Congrats to you and your guild :D

lissanna said...


Hana said...

That's awesome! :D I'm so happy for you and your guild!

Theladas said...

This girl right here: best resto drood evar. She makes this fight look easy. I didn't even need to bubble everyone for infests (though she'd hate me forever for forgetting, I'm sure)!

For srs, once she could cover both tanks through the first two minutes of the fight, everything else fell into place. I am forever jealous of druid HoTs.

Kae said...



Beranabus said...

Best feral druid in the world


Beruthiel said...

Amazing! So deserved! I am so excited for you guys! :)

Second strict 10 guild - that says so much about your dedication!

/tree dance

*edit - note for Kae, those are the same glyphs I used too ;)

Keredria said...

I wish I could say something more than grats... because I feel like this kill deserves something better. But I can't think of a better word, so I'll also say congrats.

Seriously though Kae, you are my tree hero. My tree-ro? To be the second strict 10 guild to get this, an achievement 25 man guilds are still working on is incredible.

Simon said...

omg gratz!! :D

Josh said...

Well done.

You guys deserve it!

Niniel said...

Congratulations! That's amazing! :)

Sephrenia said...

Wow, just ... WOW! Well done! Truly inspirational fantastic work :)

Poneria said...

Holy crap, this is so amazing! Congrats!! :D

Kayeri said...

Hee, to quote a friend's ode of joy (just because it's something a little different)

::Whooping it up while doing happynekkiddance of joy::

Yes, I know she's silly... But at least it's a little different from all the other Grats! flying about that you and the team so richly deserve!!

((And besides, I'm a tree, too... no one can really tell if I'm nekkid or not))


Cuantro said...


Gathros said...

big grats, you deserve it
any spasti yelling when you got it?
did something like that once and it woke up the dog, and he joined in with the barking XD

Nefernet said...

Woot !
Big grats to you and your guild Kae !

Jasyla said...

Congrats!! That's awesome!

Theladas said...

Gathros brought up an interesting point:

Still patiently waiting for a full report on River's reaction to the news that her new mommy has completed H ICC 10-strict.

Kae said...

River, upon being told the news, chewed on my sock while I was still wearing it.

Puppy teeth are sharp.

(Yes, there was a lot of spastic yelling in vent when we got it :D )

Anonymous said...

Big big grats! I hope we can join the ranks of Banes of the Fallen King soon (but of course, we wouldn't be strict).

Kae said...


The druid forms have that wierd habit of hiding nekkidness. Or that a certain resto druid is wearing bunny ears rather than her healing hat.

This may or may not have happened on one attempt.

*whistles innocently*

Kaethir said...


I'm still hoping for any sort of LK kill before Cata comes out :)

Alyae said...

We were so happy i swear i yelled so loud i think i woke up the cat who promptly came over and did... "Mewrar, pet me!"

It all came together last night on, and we had a few close calls but we got it.

I'm so happy and proud of everyone in the guild. That kill felt like one the most deserved in pretty much my entire wow history. The only others that came close was pre-nerf Kael'Thas, and Vashj. Though HLK i think took more work then either of those.

Charles said...

Grats! Nice choice of music - but was it to calm you down or do you just consider Fireflies good killin' music?

Anonymous said...

Such an accomplishment. Congrats to Vortex!

Thank you as well for all the hard work you put into Dreambound which has helped so many people!

Good Game

TheGrumpyElf said...


Love the no melee in the group. Fits what I always say about my own play style. I hate melee.

Anonymous said...

Huge congratulations!

Your strats and writings have always been a help and an inspiration for a lot of 10-man raiders around the world. You and your guild deserve this kill incredibly much!

Kae said...

A) I love the song, B) it relaxed me, and C) it is sooo fitting for the final phase of the fight.

"Cuz I get a thousand hugs / from ten thousand lightening bugs / as they try teach me how to dance..." ...yeah, vile spirits.

Alyae said...

Also, kae... I missed a soul reaper on Scythe on the last phase because I was to far from him and soaking.
I knew he had a soulstone and i was watching for his death to taunt, i figured it was better for him to possibly die then the rest of the raid to spirits that didn't get soaked.
You can growl at me for that too!
Though I think i did you guys a favour .. massively heal one tank, or the whole raid? :)

theanorak said...

Totally brilliant. Many, many congratulations.

Calla said...

I'm totally jealous that I was running behind schedule last night and ended up sitting.

Congrats Vortex. I know how many hours, wipes and cuss words have been used... as well as gallons of war paint;).


Scythe said...

No worries Calla, we'll get it for you!

Thanks for all the well wishes folks! It's quite flattering =)

We're looking forward to posting the kill videos so people can watch us at work (complete with my furry bear self stumbling into pretty much any "bad thing" possible in that fight!)

Kae said...

Indeed... we need to tag our Calla, Ram, and Draukadin with a Bane title!

Beranabus said...

My mom and brother came home to the sounds of my triumphant yells.. So i was forced to explain to them the concept of raiding (Which they didn't understand might I add) during the RP. So I missed some of the banter =(.