Monday, May 10, 2010

Comic: ICC10 Lich King (Full)

DONE! /collapses over mouse and keyboard.

P1 Quicklink
P2 Quicklink
P3 Quicklink

*edit note: Some raids may need to split their melee and ranged into clusters for the transitions, if their healers are not able to maintain the healing needed to handle the chain-damage from the Lich King. If that is the case, the tank will need to be especially on their toes regarding silences and taunting/picking up any spirits that spawn on the ranged group, before the spirit kills anyone.

The irony is that the stick-figure-warlock could survive if he had a teleport pad up on the edge there. ;)

This has been another episode of Kae's stick-figure theatre.
Many pixels were harmed in the making of this comic.
Sanity remains intact... but questionably so. ;)


Hana said...

I love the Pac-man ghost spirits. :D If only they were that cute in game!

Alyae said...


Zelmaru said...

This is so win! Having said that... I don't think I can remember all the adds.... Inky, Blinky, and Kyle?

Keeva said...

You cheated on Transition 2! TSK! The scribbles made me laugh :P

- a chibi vile spirit? Want to hug!
- kitty raging spirit going "NOM!" on the tank's fase
- boomkin in p3 - pewpew!

Kae said...

We recruited a turkey recently :) had to give my feathered friend some doodle time!

...and yes, I cheated blatantly on the second transition. ;)

Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde!

Mark said...

Inky (Blue), Blinky (Red), Pinky (Pink) and Clyde (Orange) :)

Beranabus said...

I lol'd at the boomkin. I'm so cute and cuddly XD

Anonymous said...

Ty so much; just mastered phase 2 and got to see more of phase 3 tonight and want to be able to not insta-die when the vile spirits go to town on the dpsers.

Kayeri said...

YAY, the whole thing that I can now link to my guild boards!!!!

Thanks, Kae!!!

::goes back and giggles through it all over again with hubby at my side:: :)

Nefernet said...

Those comics are definitely full of win !

Kae said...

Edit for a strat-variation for the transition phase; someone complained that their healers couldn't keep the raid alive when all clustered together in one group.

Wild Growth/CoH/Chain Heal, I has dem.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the guide, I now want all new fights in comic form, movies I find I get A-D-D, and text strats are sometimes hard to dechipher visually.

Your guide has made me take less dirtnaps, and not look like a noob the first time I fought LK.

Kae said...

Glad to help :)

Acariel said...

I'm a huge fan of this type of strategy write-up, I too don't like watching videos fellow guildies post. Something to do with the lack of control over incoming information, the order you get it, and the pace...

I do comics about my little guild's adventures in ICC, and I had to say I love love love this. I can tell just how time consuming this was. I already had LK down when I discovered this, but I have sent many of our newer members here, and they've all loooved it too.

Oh and the best part by far is the warrior throwing insults at the vile spirits xD

Anonymous said...

TYVM for this guide! Love the face melt, I mean, soul reaper :D

You've just scored us our phat titlez :D