Monday, April 19, 2010

Link: Anaram's Resto Healing Guide

I'm still recuperating from a very long weekend of volunteer work (hello, aches and sunburn!) and from the mental exhaustion of wrangling 80 kids, so I really can't spill much in the way of legible thoughts of my own out on the blog right now... but today a guildie linked me a very interesting resto healing guide from Paragon (EU). It is not so much focused on what spells to use as how to work with other healers in raids: target priorities and choosing WHO to heal, based on the mechanics of our HoT-based class.

In other words, it's more about resto co-healing psychology than the specific mechanics.

Although it is written from a 25-man raider perspective, I still found several of the tips resonated with ten-man raids, as well, particularly in terms of target priorities and watching for PW:S (wasted HoT time, particularly if they are either full health or are getting an influx of direct heals to top them off) and Weakened Soul (no chance of getting a shield to stop the incoming damage).

I highly recommend taking a read through what he has to say here on the Paragon forums.

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